17 March 2012

Annoying but exciting appointment, and prediction photo!

I had my joint appointment with my surgeon and orthodontist yesterday..........dun..dun...dunnnn..
I'm so annoyed!! and disapointed, and upset and cross
well, I have been hoping for months and months to get my surgery in July, right after my art course ends, as my teeth are already surgery ready and I want to be recovered as soon as possible because I'm planning an extended trip to Australia to live with my cousin and work there. Anyway, I want to go to Australia as sooon as I'm well enough and I was hoping to be able to go at the end of this year! But, my surgeon said he wouldn't have any spaces until september......:( nooo and also, they said I wouldn't be able to travel to Australia for at least 6 months after the surgery, meaning I could only go to Australia in April next year and I would have half the time there than I thought.. He did say that if there was a cancelation they might be able to fit me in sooner, so I'm hoping and praying that there will be, and that I can have surgery in July! It would make such a massive difference to meee! I've not even planned anything for July and August so I feel like they'd just be wasted months, but I think if I do have to have surgery in September I'd just work for those months and try and raise money for going to Australia:)
The appointment was exciting at the same time though, they were discussing how they were going to move my jaws and the close minute detail that they looked at my face with really impressed me! They scrutinized every millimetre so carefully.... Anyway, they ended up saying that they'd move my top jaw about 2 millimetres forward and about 2 millemetres upwards, (I didn't realise they were planning on doing this! They said this would be because moving my jaw forward would mean more of my gum would show when I smiled, and so this movement would be to compensate for that. I did stress that I like how much gum shows at the moment though, and they said that it would stay the same and wouldn't change. Although my surgeon said that he thought my smile was too gummy and he thought my top jaw should be moved upwards by 3mm! I said I didn't agree with that though and my orthodontist didn't agree either), and my bottom jaw is going to be moved back by 6 millimetres! I can't believe how much that is!!
I asked my surgeon if he was planning to use that stitch on my nose and he said that he always uses it unless the person has a really skinny nose. So I'm really pleased about that!:)
They also gave me the prediction photo, It's amazing!!! I can't stop looking at it. It's so wierd though because I kind of feel like I look like that already, and when I realise I actually don't its a shock! So I think after the surgery I might just feel more like myself. My orthodontist said she thought I'd end up looking nicer than the photo though so thats incredible I can't imajine how it could be better!!
Here is a picture of me today (I'm sorry if it scares you I look vile with no makeup and bad hair but oh well!)

Heres the prediction photo! I hope you are all getting on really well and that you are happy:)