19 November 2012

Rosa sans braces


woohoooooo! my braces are no more! my teeth look so BIG, I think they look fake hahaa, It's just because I'm so use to seeing them covered with bits of metal though. I'm actually soooo pleased with them:)
they really hurt now though! I have to wear retainers all day today and tomorrow, and the retainers make them ache so much. My orthodontist said that it's because my teeth are trying to move, so I have to make sure I keep wearing the retainer even though it hurts to keep them in place! Also my gums are really swollen, and bleeding:( my orthodontist said they'll settle down soon though too.
I'm so glad I've reached the end of my jaw surgery journey it has been long and very hard at times but now I feel like it was alllll worth it:) look at those pearly whites!

18 November 2012

The journey of my face!

I've made some photo collages to show my progress with swelling since day 3! The comparison of then to now is so crazy, I can't believe how much I resembled a balloon at the beginning.
Front View

Side View
Also, I always noticed before my surgery that it was casual, non posed photos that I didn't know were being taken, where you could see my underbite the worst. For example..
 Recently I saw these 2 photos which are taken at angles that before would've definitely showed my bite in all it's underbitey glory, but obviously now, there is no underbite to be seen! It's crazy! When I just glanced at them I thought 'oh my gosh thats going to be a really bad angle' but of course they're not bad angles any more!! hooray
Also, I get my braces off............ TOMORROW!! I'm so excited:)

6 November 2012

23 October 2012

12 weeks and 5 days!

Hi everyone!:)
I'm slowly getting better and better at chewing, It's wierd it's like I have to relearn how to do it! It was really hard at first but it is getting easier. I still can't eat really hard things or bite into things, but I can eat most things if I cut them up small! It's sooo good to not have to worry about not being able to eat, it's such a relief:)
My bite has gone back to not feeling that comfortable again.. it only sometimes feels like that though. Sometimes it feels like my left canine is clanging against the tooth on the bottom. Also one of my molars right at the back has been really hurting! I don't know why, I hope my brace hasn't broke or anything!
Here are some update photos..................

I think my face looks a lot more natural now:) The 'had to much botox' stiffness has finally mainly gone! There is still a little bit of swelling left but it's continuing to go down.

Heres an updated before and after...

loook! I have cheeks now rather than just flattness woohoo!

11 October 2012

little update

I just wanted to add some things that I realised I forgot to say in my last post. I realised that I said I could feel my entire face in my last post, well this is not actually true because I can't feel my top gums at the front at all!! It's not noticable unless I poke them though:)
also, I can't believe I forgot to say this... I'M GETTING MY BRACES OFF ON THE 19TH OF NOVEMBERRRR!! yaayyyy! I am so so so excited, and it feels so good to have a date booked so I know I'm definitely getting them off on that day, I'm not going to be a prisoner to these braces for too much longer hooray! It'll be so good to have free teeth:) I haven't seen my naked teeth in so long!

8 October 2012

Photo update! 10 weeks and 5 days

Hiii! I thought I'd do an update with photos to show how my swelling currently is. My face is definitely slightly more angular than roundy now!
Sorry about the not very good quality photos..
woop! One other thing is I've been really worried about my hair because it's been falling out like crazy ever since my operation, and it's just not stopping I'm scared my hairs gonna get really thin:( Every time I run my fingers through my hair like 5-10 hairs come out! Did anyone else experience this after their operation? When did it stop??