27 April 2011

a little butterfly landed on my hand!!:D

18 April 2011

my dream

I had a really scary dream about my jaw surgery last night!! I dreamt that I'd just had the surgery and everything was good, and I was in the hospital with mum, and I was recovering really fast even though it was just the first day after the surgery. and I looked in the mirror, at my bite and it looked so amazing and perfect.....but then.. dun dun duuuunnnnnn!! I realised, that they had forgotten to put the elastic bands on to stop me opening my mouth! and it felt like my jaws weren't properlly secured on, because there were no bands there so it felt like my jaws were going to fall off! It was horrible, and I was trying to hold my jaws to my face with my hands but it wasn't working, aaahhhh
HOW SCARYY!! haaa I think it's a sign of how much I keep thinking about this surgery, It's taking over my sleeping life as well as my waking life!

3 April 2011

Surgical Correction of Open Bites

I think I'm also having this done to my top jaw to take away my open bite.. because I have an under bite aand an open bite:)