28 August 2012

4 weeks and 6 days little update!

Hi all my jaw friends!:)
I am still feeling goooood, I keep getting little things that I'm paranoid about though, like if I accidently knock my jaw (my last post!) or also I thought I could feel my muscles pushing my bottom jaw forward but I think that might be in my mind:) I am still eating mush, but it's ok because I can basically eat anything that doesn't involve chewing, so like scrambled egg, mashed potato and anything blended. I also discovered the other day I can eat cous cous if it has lots of sauce with it!!:D I get so excited whenever I discover a new food I can eat
My orthodontist said I have to wait until about the 8 week mark before I can try chewing anything. But thats only about 3 weeks away! I cannot wait until then ahhhh
I went to see a surgeon consultant guy today (it wasn't my actual surgeon, but one of his helpers) and he said everything was looking good. It was interesting as well, when he first looked at me he thought I hardly looked that swollen, but when he felt my face he said I actually do have quite a lot of 'residual swelling' there. He said it's because I have a narrow frame to my face so you don't notice the swelling that much when you just look at me.
I went to a little fancy dress tea party the other day it was so nice and I saw some friends I hadn't seen for ages:) Heres a photo of me and my friend Alex (It was Alice in Wonderland themed so I am supposed to be the queen of hearts (I hyjacked a red riding hood costume and just sewed some hearts on, I am a cheap skate when I comes to costumes!! and most things actually hahaa) and Alex is the ace of spades) I think in casual photos I notice my swelling more than if I'm taking one to put on my blog or if I'm looking in the mirror for some reason! I look quite puffy and wierd. Maybe because I am expecting to see what I would've seen in a photo before....I don't know

And here are some general update photos......
smiling- my smiles still a bit odd looking!! It's getting better though:)

Heres a smiling profile photo. Sorry about the blurryness- my mum's photography tut tut hehe:)

20 August 2012

Little bump

Hi everyone, this evening Dad gave me an overly enthusiatic hug and bashed my jaw into his shoulder bone! It really hurt, and now theres a little bump there! Do you think it could've damaged something should I be worried?

18 August 2012

Day 24 (3 weeks and 3 days) I made a video!

Heres an update video that I made yesterday!:) It literally took about a day to upload haa
I'm sorry that I blahed on for so long, but I just kept thinking of more things to say! Also the sound came out really quiet I don't know why
I hope everyone is doing well:)

10 August 2012

Day 16 since surgery!:)

I saw my surgeon yesterday, and he was surprised I hadn't been told to wear bands and he put tight bands on my teeth that I have to wear all the time. I was right to be concerned that they didn't put any bands on! He said he doesn't normally work with the orthodontist I've been seeing up until now, and that if I saw my actual orthodontist she would have put the bands on straight away. He said my bite closes, but that he needs to make it close more, (I had noticed this before, because there are little openings when I bite down) so I need to wear bands all the time in order for my teeth to do that. He said it's important to wear bands now, rather than wait till the bone has healed, as there is still some available movement in the bone and we want the bone to heal in the right position! He said if you decided to change things after the bone had healed it would take months.
but oh well at least I have them on now!!:) They are causing me quite a lot of pain right now though. I have to take loads of painkillers again because my teeth hurt quite a lot, and it makes my jaw hurt too and gives me a headache!
Other than that my surgeon was pleased with how everything looks! He is really pleased with how my jawline looks he said.
I had a really nice day yesterday, I went to my friends house and we walked down to a nearby river and did drawing:) it was really fun, but then in the evening my jaw and teeth started to really hurt from the bands so I had to go home. It was such a nice day though and so sunny!
I'm still a lot more swollen and bruised on my right side. I love my new profile! It's truly amazing


8 August 2012

2 weeks since my surgery!!

Hello everyone!:) everything is slowly turning back into normal life, I'm so happy. I had such a lovely day yesterday, I went to town with two friends and we went to see a film, and I got my nails done!! It was such a fun day and it was so nice to be able to do something normal and get out the house and see my close friends.
Here are some update photos that I took yesterday

and here is a photo of my nails! I love them:) it was so hard to choose a colour because they had such a massive selection but I really like the one I went for in the end, it makes my nails look like little berries!

6 August 2012

before and after

I made this before and after and oh my gosh it really sums up how dramatic the change really is! my face is so much shorter now:) woah
I'm starting to get really paranoid that my nose has become massively wide:( I'm hoping it's just the swelling pushing it out because I have a lot of swelling around there but it looks huuuge at the moment!
My face has also gone really dry and stingy! I think its from my skin being so stretched probably It's annoying though!

5 August 2012

Day 11 since surgery

Yesterday and today I have been feeling reallyyyy good!:) Mainly because I've been eating PROPER food rather than loads of the protein milkshakes. I decided I just couldn't handle any more of those because they taste soo chemically, so I've been mainly eating loads of different kinds of blended soup, yoghurt, blended fruit, hazelnut milk and rice milk, hot chocolate and posting choclate buttons into my mouth:) Yesterday I had such a nice soup at teatime. I had some carrot and corriander soup from the shop, and into it I added potato, chicken pieces and cheese! and then I added a bit of whole milk. It was so nice and nutricious!
Also, I have stopped using the syringes (they started to become really stiff and break, and also everything you put in them has to be an incredibly thin consistancy otherwise they get blocked. So even things I had blended were too thick and I had to strain it through a sieve before I could eat it!). I've started using these sauce drizzling bottles that I bought from John Lewis. They are so good because they fit like a bowls worth of soup in and you don't have to keep putting more in like with the syringes, and obviously you can have thicker food in them:) Also another thing is it makes eating feel less like you're eating medicine if you get what I mean! It's more appetising:)

One thing is I've been feeling really uncomfortable at night, and this is when I feel the most pain. I just get so tense from sleeping on my back, and my neck gets really stiff and it gives me a headache:( I've been so desperate to just snuggle down on my side but I've been resisting! It's so hard to sleep though. I've been taking a small dose of codeine just before bed which helps.
I've been making loads of things to keep myself entertained!! I want to go to some craft fairs soon to raise money, so I have to make all my stock:) Heres a picture of some little mousey things I made they're going to go on key rings or maybe phone charms
Here are some update photos for today:
left side
right side

3 August 2012

Day 9

I went to see the orthodontist today about my concerns about my teeth, and they really reassured me that everything was infact fine:) They said they didn't want to put really heavy bands on as they thought it could make other problems occur with my bite, and then said that having heavy bands actually increases the chance of relapse (I didn't really understand how, but they said it did!). They also said they haven't actually got that much control over how my teeth and jaws are going to go now, and that there is scar tissue healing and they can't predict how it is going to heal. I still feel a bit uneasy about not having bands on, but I have lots of appointments coming up so if anything does go wrong they will be able to see.
They actually thought I was being a bit paranoid about my teeth having moved, and they didn't think they had. They agreed that my center line was a bit off though so they have given me one band to wear at night to pull that back to being right.
One thing that I have been thinking about is that there is little openings when I bite down, which I wish weren't there, but maybe eventually they'll sort that out with my braces. I asked them and they said they would be able to help that a bit...
Heres my teeth, you can definately see how my centre line is slightly out of line! but it is still amazing to see how my top teeth come over my bottom teeth! I love it yaaay:)
Heres me trying to smile! pahaa it's so creepy and odd looking at the moment
I'm a lot more swollen on this than the other side! I think that was because  on this side, my surgeon discovered that my sinus had collapsed and had a pollop on it! So he took away the pollop:) I got 2 surgeries for the price of 1!

2 August 2012

Day 8 since surgery

I am a little bit worried that my teeth have moved slightly, I kind of thought this might happen when they didn't put bands on but I just was so relieved to be able to talk I didn't question it.
It looks like my centre line of my top and bottom teeth is not in line any more and my bottom teeth look a bit like they are veering to the left. I might be being completely paranoid about this, but I really want bands put on now just so I can relax and know that my teeth are secure and not as unstable as they feel now. My next appointment is next tuesday but I'm worried they could move more between now and then, and as I'm going to definately have to have bands put on anyway I'd rather have them before my teeth have moved even more, because otherswise it could take more time and be more painful to get my teeth back to the correct bite! I'm sure everything will be fine though, I know that all the orthodontists know what they are doing, they are all so clever:)
I had beetroot soup for lunch today it was reeally nice:) also I have been posting chocolate buttons between my teeth and then waiting for them to melt its been great
another thing is my hairs been falling out loads more than usual! I googled it and it is quite common after a big surgery. I hope it doesn't get all thin though.
I tried putting a bit of eye makeup on today for the first time since surgery:D