5 August 2012

Day 11 since surgery

Yesterday and today I have been feeling reallyyyy good!:) Mainly because I've been eating PROPER food rather than loads of the protein milkshakes. I decided I just couldn't handle any more of those because they taste soo chemically, so I've been mainly eating loads of different kinds of blended soup, yoghurt, blended fruit, hazelnut milk and rice milk, hot chocolate and posting choclate buttons into my mouth:) Yesterday I had such a nice soup at teatime. I had some carrot and corriander soup from the shop, and into it I added potato, chicken pieces and cheese! and then I added a bit of whole milk. It was so nice and nutricious!
Also, I have stopped using the syringes (they started to become really stiff and break, and also everything you put in them has to be an incredibly thin consistancy otherwise they get blocked. So even things I had blended were too thick and I had to strain it through a sieve before I could eat it!). I've started using these sauce drizzling bottles that I bought from John Lewis. They are so good because they fit like a bowls worth of soup in and you don't have to keep putting more in like with the syringes, and obviously you can have thicker food in them:) Also another thing is it makes eating feel less like you're eating medicine if you get what I mean! It's more appetising:)

One thing is I've been feeling really uncomfortable at night, and this is when I feel the most pain. I just get so tense from sleeping on my back, and my neck gets really stiff and it gives me a headache:( I've been so desperate to just snuggle down on my side but I've been resisting! It's so hard to sleep though. I've been taking a small dose of codeine just before bed which helps.
I've been making loads of things to keep myself entertained!! I want to go to some craft fairs soon to raise money, so I have to make all my stock:) Heres a picture of some little mousey things I made they're going to go on key rings or maybe phone charms
Here are some update photos for today:
left side
right side

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  1. Those squeeze bottles look like such a good idea! I'm going to keep that in mind for when I have my surgery (in December or January) so I don't have to use syringes the whole time. Thanks for the tip!