28 August 2012

4 weeks and 6 days little update!

Hi all my jaw friends!:)
I am still feeling goooood, I keep getting little things that I'm paranoid about though, like if I accidently knock my jaw (my last post!) or also I thought I could feel my muscles pushing my bottom jaw forward but I think that might be in my mind:) I am still eating mush, but it's ok because I can basically eat anything that doesn't involve chewing, so like scrambled egg, mashed potato and anything blended. I also discovered the other day I can eat cous cous if it has lots of sauce with it!!:D I get so excited whenever I discover a new food I can eat
My orthodontist said I have to wait until about the 8 week mark before I can try chewing anything. But thats only about 3 weeks away! I cannot wait until then ahhhh
I went to see a surgeon consultant guy today (it wasn't my actual surgeon, but one of his helpers) and he said everything was looking good. It was interesting as well, when he first looked at me he thought I hardly looked that swollen, but when he felt my face he said I actually do have quite a lot of 'residual swelling' there. He said it's because I have a narrow frame to my face so you don't notice the swelling that much when you just look at me.
I went to a little fancy dress tea party the other day it was so nice and I saw some friends I hadn't seen for ages:) Heres a photo of me and my friend Alex (It was Alice in Wonderland themed so I am supposed to be the queen of hearts (I hyjacked a red riding hood costume and just sewed some hearts on, I am a cheap skate when I comes to costumes!! and most things actually hahaa) and Alex is the ace of spades) I think in casual photos I notice my swelling more than if I'm taking one to put on my blog or if I'm looking in the mirror for some reason! I look quite puffy and wierd. Maybe because I am expecting to see what I would've seen in a photo before....I don't know

And here are some general update photos......
smiling- my smiles still a bit odd looking!! It's getting better though:)

Heres a smiling profile photo. Sorry about the blurryness- my mum's photography tut tut hehe:)


  1. ROSA. STOP. It's ridiculous how beautiful you are!!!!! I love the first photo where you look like you are about to start laughing-- you look so happy and I am so happy for you! :)

  2. awww allie thankyou so much you're such a sweetheart!

  3. Rosaaaaaa! Omg u look so different and cute! Can't believe I've only just seen this blog! Good luck with everything hunny! U look gawjuss! Xxxx
    It's hana from uni btw :p

  4. ahhhhh hana!!:) thankyou so much girly you're so nice! I do look different hey, It's crazy so much to get used tooo! Are you moving down to london soon?? You must be so excited! I'll have to come visit you:)xoxox


  6. i am so sorry i haven't checked in in so long! you look absolutely adorable, rosa! i saw a photo on another posting you did of your profile, it is soo cute :) wee! congratulations on everything!!

  7. Wow, this looks complicated, I hope you're doing well :) It looks great, congrats!
    (I too have braces but i'm 10 years something older than you. lol )