2 August 2012

Day 8 since surgery

I am a little bit worried that my teeth have moved slightly, I kind of thought this might happen when they didn't put bands on but I just was so relieved to be able to talk I didn't question it.
It looks like my centre line of my top and bottom teeth is not in line any more and my bottom teeth look a bit like they are veering to the left. I might be being completely paranoid about this, but I really want bands put on now just so I can relax and know that my teeth are secure and not as unstable as they feel now. My next appointment is next tuesday but I'm worried they could move more between now and then, and as I'm going to definately have to have bands put on anyway I'd rather have them before my teeth have moved even more, because otherswise it could take more time and be more painful to get my teeth back to the correct bite! I'm sure everything will be fine though, I know that all the orthodontists know what they are doing, they are all so clever:)
I had beetroot soup for lunch today it was reeally nice:) also I have been posting chocolate buttons between my teeth and then waiting for them to melt its been great
another thing is my hairs been falling out loads more than usual! I googled it and it is quite common after a big surgery. I hope it doesn't get all thin though.
I tried putting a bit of eye makeup on today for the first time since surgery:D


    SO beautiful!
    You like?
    Alsoooo... shifting=totally normal. Don't panic.