31 July 2012

Day 6 I am feeling so cheerful!

Oh my gosh guess what happened today! well!
I had my first appointment with with surgeon, and he TOOK MY WAFER AND BANDS COMPLETELY OFF! yayyyy! I am so happy!
Then I had to go see the orthodontist to get looser bands on but they said that the elastics normally pursuade your bite to go into the correct position, but as mine are already in the complete correct position, for the time being I don't need them! wahoooo! They're just going to see how things go, I have an appointment in a weeks time and if anythings changed at all then they'll put bands on then:) but at the moment I am just loving be able to TALK! yippeeee I was babbling away to all the staff at the clinic just because I could:) I feel so lucky that I can have no bands so soon after surgery, as I know lots of people are in tight bands for weeks, I'll have to see how things go though with whether my teeth move at all:) So even though I had a tough time with sickness and things this first week, I think this luckyness definately makes up for that.
 I am worried that my bite will be unstable with no bands, but I think I just have to trust the orthodontist to know that it will be fine! Also they said that if my bite does start shifting, to not try and position it back into the right place, because that will just be like I am faking the correct position and will hide the actual problems. I'm glad she told me that because I think I would've done that if not.
Also, I can see my bite now, it's amazing! It's just so crazy to see my top teeth coming over my bottom teeth.   I just can't get over it.
They also took some photos and did xrays today. I saw my before and after side profile xray, it was unbelievable the difference. My face looked about half as long in the after xray!
I am just feeling generally happy today. I am so glad that the worst of this surgery is definately over now, I feel like everything will just get better from here!
One thing is my face is soooo itchy and tingly. Especially the roof of my mouth and tongue, it's a really irritating feeling but it's good because it means the feeling is slowly starting to return and that It's healing.
Here are some photos:)

I tried to take a picture of my teeth but it was really hard to get it so you could see! haa:) Also even though the surgeon keeps saying they are in the right position, to me they don't really look like they are:S But I suppose I just have to trust him as he is definitely an expert!
Also, I have just one more thing to say, chicken Complan is AMAZING haha! it tastes like roast dinner! I thought it would be gross because I looked on the ingredients and it doesn't actually contain any real chicken, but it was truly delicious!


  1. Rosa, your profile and bite are fantastic!!! Congrats! It's great to hear you are doing so well!

  2. Your results are looking so good!

  3. Ahhh your bands are off after one week? So lucky!! I'm glad you're doing well and looking good!

  4. You look great! I had the wafer wired in for six weeks.

  5. I first found your blog last year when I was hoping, hoping, hoping I might SOMEDAY have surgery. And now I'm getting my braces on tomorrow; surgery is 3-6 months away!
    Thank you for the inspiration! Stay strong - you look great!

  6. Looking great and glad you're feeling better! erin

  7. Aww see your looking so great!! It looks and feels weird, but before you know it you will be getting those braces off, and you will see just how great your new bite is!!