28 July 2012

Finally home! Day 3 since surgery

Hello Everyone!:) I am finally home from the hospital it is currently the 3rd day since my operation. It has been such a dramatic few days I will tell you all about what has been happening....
The first day of my surgery (day 0) I felt pretty great, I think I was high on morphine! And also, I wasn't banded together at all so I could drink and use a cup and a spoon. That night I also slept a lot, one thing though was that I fainted in the night and whacked my head on the wall which was scary and painful but that was no way near as bad as the 2nd night in comparison. The day after the surgery I started getting more and more swollen but it only really started to become awful when my surgeon put the bands on!! I have a power chain going over all my teeth and I think it's like the equivalent of being wired shut. I can't move my teeth at all, my jaws had shifted slightly right before he put the power chain on so he had to kind of yank it back which hurt! Having my teeth clamped shut meant I was getting pain from my jaw, and also I found breathing hard and that was really scary. Before I had the bands put on I could breath through my mouth so I was fine, but with my teeth clamped shut it made it really hard, and I couldn't breath through my nose at all because it was completely blocked:( I had to put this little plastic tube in the side of my mouth to hold my cheek open so I could kind of breath through there. It was still almost impossible though even with the plastic tube. It's still hard now too because my nose is still quite congested.
The past few days have just been kind of the same level of horrible, but my swelling has gone down slightly today which is good.
One thing is I HAAATE is the liquid pain killers:( I just find it so hard to swallow them. It's because there was a tube down my throat during the surgery meaning my throat is all swollen and bruised inside! So my swallowing just isn't working yet very well, it is slowly improving though. The second night was really dreadful because I tried to take liquid codiene, but really couldn't swallow at all and it all just fell out my mouth again. But, then I wasn't allowed any more because they weren't sure how much I'd actually had, so I was pretty much on no pain relief that whole night and I couldn't handle it! Last night wasn't so bad and I'm hoping tonight, now I'm home I will finally get some sleep as I haven't slept since the first night:(
I was actually meant to go home on the second day, but because I found it so hard to take the pain killers I had to have injections and my drip. I developed a way of being able to take my oral pain killers now though with a nice nurse called Sandy, where I take this little tube and attatch it to the end of a syringe and put that all the way to the back of my mouth and then it goes down my throat a lot better:)
I am really happy with how my face is looking though! I can see the outline of my profile and it looks so good. I am unbelievably swollen at the moment but when it goes down I think I'll be so happy with my results. My surgeon said he was really proud of himself!:) also he said he managed to protect the nerve really well, and I can feel my bottom lip really well which is a good sign.
I am finding not being able to talk so frustrating. I'm going through an entire notebook a day! But I just love talking and its so horrible not being able to say the thoughts that are popping into my head without having to find a pen and paper and make my arms write!
Here are some photos,
Heres me in hospital on the first day, when the swelling hadn't really come up much yet...
   Heres me today, on day 3. I have an obese head:( I was actually even more swollen yesterday though! On my neck you can kind of see how my throat is swollen ... 
Here is a front view. Ew my face is so shiney. Thats another thing my skin has gone reallyy bad! Did anyone else find that?
That black thing is so gross, it a little wound from where they took out the blood draining pot tube (thats the tubes that are coming out of my neck you can see on the pictures of me in the hospital. They were to drain blood out, and they were attatched to little pots on the end. They looked horrible and grusome but they didn't hurt, it only hurt when they were taken out. I could feel them being pulled out of my neck it was awful!!)
Love you all, I will update more tomorrow probably. It is such a massive relief to be home!


  1. Oh Rosa,
    I'm so happy for you! I hate to hear how awful the past couple days have been but I'm so happy you are post surgery and you are doing well.
    You look beautiful even with the swelling.
    Your profile is gorgeous :)
    I can't wait to read more about you jaw surgery adventure. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Glad you are home! I'm sure its a lot more comfortable than at the hospital.

  3. So great to see you on the other side!!

  4. Yay you're home I'm so glad to hear that! Rest up and just take it one day at a time. I think we will both be on the up hopefully by tmrw. Lots of hugs. Erin

  5. I so hope tomorrow is a good day Erin, I feel really sick:( how is your swallowing? I'm finding it so hard xoxox

  6. wow rosa you can see how much your profile has changed already! i think your jaw is going to look perfect :) stay strong xx

  7. The first week is the toughest i must say. Hang in there! It will be worth it in the end! I'm currently 3 months post op and it feels great! Stay positive and stay strong. And be sure to drink more water. :)

  8. Looking so good Rosa!!!! Sorry it's been such a rough time, but this is the worst of it- things can only get better!

  9. Wow, you are looking brilliant. I know how it is the first few days but the worst is behind you now. Heal fast x