29 July 2012

Day 4 since surgery

Last night was absolutely crazy. I was feeling so sick because I couldn't take anti emetics like I had been in the hospital, and I also couldn't take pain relief, as that adds to the sickness! So the whole night I was in lots and lots of pain and shaking. I had to cut my bands off because I was feeling so sick, was really hard to get the scissors in and me and my mum and dad were all panicking because we couldn't do it and I was on the verge of being sick! but we finally got them off and I was sick twice. Then I thankfully managed to sleep a bit and then in the morning we drove back to the hospital. The way there was quite dramatic, and I was sick in the car:( but when we got there they gave me some anti emetics to take home and put more bands on. I'm feeling a lot better now thankfully:)
I've also decided to stop taking codiene/tramadol for the time being, because I think the pain is at a stage where it's bearable when I'm only having paracetamol, and codiene/tramadol was making me feel incredibly sick and also making me hallucinate which was quite frightening. When I closed my eyes I thought there were people around me and touching me, but I opened my eyes and there was no one there! I think I'll only take that if I'm desperate now.
I have to say, that this is the hardest thing I have ever been through in my entire life, and I think I underestimated what it would be like before going into it. Last night I was feeling quite regretful, but now I feel more positive and I feel like I can handle it again:)
My profile is so different!!
Some bruises have come up today under my eye and on my left jaw. 
That little mark on my forehead is from where the surgeon put a pin in the operation! He said it was so there was something steady to measure how far he was moving everything.


  1. Aw Rosa I think we all underestimate what this will be like! I am right there with u and understand the regret as I am feeling it to. Are you able to eat much? Yesterday was the first day I got some food in and I feel like a different person. Try and try to eat and drink thru the nausea. It will get better I promise. You can do this, each day will get better! Message me if u need ok? Lots of hugs. Erin

  2. Ahhh Rosa I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time! Hang in there- your profile's looking great!

  3. It's damn hard but you are doing so well and you look beautiful considering you are so swollen. I was a dribbling mess in all my photos. Your profile is stunning. I'm so happy for you.

  4. Hey lady! Hang in there. DId they give you Zofran? DId you eat/drink something like Boost with the pain meds? Don't take them on an empty stomach.

  5. Thankyou so much you 3! your comments help me so much
    Heya Jen!:) I haven't heard of zofran I didn't get that one. I also got something called volterol which also makes me feel sickkk. I thought that too about medicine on an empty stomach, eating has got a lot easier now but at first I was finding it hard to swallow anything down:( and just feeling too sick to think of eating those gross milkshake things hahaa. It's alot better now though, just a balancing act to work out what pain medication to take! xoxo