22 July 2012

Only 2 days left!!!

oh my gosh..............ONLY 2 DAYS aaahh!
I'm so full of anticipation!
One minute I feel scared and the next minute I feel excited, I'm like a big ball of emotion!
I've been on an eating frenzy this past week as well, I'm eating everything in sight. I think my body subconsiously knows it has to store up because I've been feeling really hungry! I'm already planning what my last proper meal will be too, I think I'm going to have pasta because thats my very favourite food and I wouldn't be able to eat that for ages after my operation:) also my friends going to come round and we're going to make a giant cake!
After the surgery as well, I think I'm going to borrow a juicer off a friend because I thought it would be really useful for making fruit juice and vegetable juice! and maybe it would be cheaper and healthier than buying heaps of different juice too.
I'm really worried about feeling lonely when I can't do much whilst I'm recovering, so I've told all my friends that they have to just come round all the time! It'll be so nice to be able to talk to people on here too:) I've also bought and borrowed dvds and books for entertainment..
I had my veryyyy last appointment with the surgeon the other day. It was a very quick appointment just to check that the wafer (or splint) that they had made for my teeth fit properly. This was a thin piece of plastic that will fit under my teeth after surgery, and they will attatch it to my braces. It will be to make sure my teeth stay in the new position. I also got to see the model of my teeth that they had made to use in my operation! It was really strange to see it and they showed me on the model how they were going to move everything and how my teeth will fit together.
One thing that I really love to do is make funny faces and I think it'll be so sad when I can't move my face after the surgery and make expressions! But I have to remember I will be able to sooooon, this won't be forever:)
Heres some photos of me and my friend Hana making crazy faces:D
yaayy! I'll probably post again after my operation:) Or maybe I'll do a quick post the night before too! I might make a video.


  1. Hi rosa! My surgery is also on Wednesday. I hope everything goes great for you. Good luck! erin

  2. This is so exciting! It's good that you're both nervous and excited because if you were only one of them I would be worried. Can't wait to read about your surgery, good luck!

  3. Ahhh Rosa I'm so excited for you!!!! The anticipation is the worst. Good luck and I can't wait to read all about your experience! :) <3

  4. Ohh my gosh Erin!:) we can be surgery pals how exciting!! Thats so crazy it's on exactly the same day, we can compare experiences and it'll be great to know there's someone out there at exactly the same stage as me.
    Thankyou for the good lucks, it really helps to know theres people thinking of meee!:) xox

  5. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW ROSA!!!! You'll do great!

  6. good luck rosa! so excited to see your results :D

  7. I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS! One more day to go :) I will be glued to your page for the next few days. See you on the other side beautiful girl :)

  8. awww Catherine you are so sweet thankyou!:)
    I will post loadssss when the operations over to tell you all how I am feeling!xoxoxo

  9. Good luck! Mine is next Monday, so I'll be following close behind you!