18 June 2012

My Art Foundation Exhibition

Hello jaw surgery world!:) My art course that I have been on for the past year has completely finished now, I'm so sad because I've loved it so much, It's been so much fun! I've met so many incredible people and made amazing friends, and have been left to go completely wild and just fully express myself with my art. I've discovered so much about how I like to work, and it has been so wonderful to be around such talented people, I've been in heaven! The other day was our exhibition opening, it felt soo amazing for people to finally be able to see the work that we've all been slaving away on for so many months, I think our exhibition was really great, everyones work was so good in such different ways there was so much variety. I had such a good night, I brought my parents and one of my very best friends Olivia. Then after the exhibition me, Olivia and some of my other friends went to see a live band! It was so much fun:)
Heres a photo of me next to my exhibition...
My project was about my family, so each of the models in the picture represent a member of my family. Their bodies are made of objects that have history of use within the house, and some of the objects represent the individual's personality!:)
My surgery is in 2 weeks now, I'm feeling quite ok about it, I go through waves of feeling really scared but I'm trying to think really positively about the whole thing generally:) My neighbour Mike works in the hospital that I'll have my surgery in, and he came round the other day to tell me he spoke to the guy who will be my anesthetist for the operation and he says he told him he has to look after me as I'm his neighbour! he says the guys really nice so thats good
I'm going on holiday on Sunday to Amsterdam I'm so excited! It's such a perfect thing to happen before my operation it'll completely take my mind off any nasty surgery thoughts. Then we get back the day before my surgery! So I'll have no time to just sit there worrying yaayyy

3 June 2012

The Olden Days

I love looking through old photos, It's crazy to see how much has changed! I think after my jaw surgery I'll look more like I did when I was little:) My teeth fitted together normally when I had my baby teeth.

It's less than a month until my surgery now! I'm starting to get quite scared..... I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about it! Also, I wanted to ask everyone, I am planning to go on holiday to Holland the week before my surgery. Do you think thats a good idea? I said to my friend that I want to wait until I know when my pre op appointment is before we book anything but shes had operations before and she thinks it probably wouldn't be a problem to change the date of the pre op... but I just don't want to do anything that might get interfere with the surgery! Especially since I was originally going to have a september date and that they've worked really hard to fit me in in July.
Anyway, I need to ring up because I still haven't got any of the information in the post that they said they'd send me and I want to ask when I'll find out when my pre op thing is, but they're not open for ages because it's a bank holiday weekend doh!