29 December 2011

surgery is creeping closer

Hellooo! I'm very excited. Everthing is moving along and the surgery feels really real now, rather than something just off in the far distant future.
I had an orthodontist appointment a couple of weeks ago, and my orthodontist changed my wires again. I now have my final wires on, so these are the wires I'll have when I'm having my surgery! She also took new molds of my teeth because she said that my teeth probably aren't going to move any more now:) (I'm glad about that because I really don't think my bite could be any more under than it is already..it's horrible)
I will probably have my surgery in July of 2012. My orthodontist said I'd probably be ready before that, but I can't have it sooner because I have to wait until my art course is finished. July feels really soon though. It's wierd it kind of feels soon but also too far away at the same time! 
heres a horrible picture where my jaw looks like it's jutting out into the next room. I really hope that I don't often look this bad! It really is the photos that you don't know are being taken that end up being the most repulsive..
aaaaaaaaahhh!! so horrid
here are some nice christmassy photos to balance out that hideous one:)
Hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas, and that new year is lots of fun!

7 December 2011

Wisdom teeth

Hi everyone!:) I had my wisdom teeth operation on Monday and it is now wednesday, I am sooo swollen! I didn't expect that really, I thought it would only be a little bit but I look like an actual hamster!
The actual operation wasn't that bad, I was is A LOT of pain when I woke up though mainly because I had a really really really bad headache/migraine, and a sore throat and ear ache and jaw ache and neck ache!! pretty much my entire head was just throbbing:( it was really horrible but then they gave me codiene and I felt way way better really fast after that:)
Then on Monday night I tried to sleep lying on my back because I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to squidge my swollen cheeks by sleeping on them but that was so uncomfy and I ended up just sleeping on my side anyway. Then I woke up at pretty much hourly intervals with head/neck/jaw pain and a horrible sore throat (I think that was because they had to put a draining tube thing in my throat I'm not sure) and found it really hard to go back to sleep because I was in loads of pain:( and then last night was even worseee I just felt dreadful and couldn't sleep at all, and today my face is SO massive, I look quite funny actually like a little gerbil or something but my face hurts so much! I really wanted to go look round the degree courses at my uni today with my friend but I've had to stay at home because I feel really headachy and soo tired. I really wanted to go! but oh wellll:)
I'm sorry if I sound like I'm moaning, because everyone else seemed to find the wisdom tooth operation a stressless breeze but for me it was a lot worse than I expected. It is good in a way though because I do feel like I've had a taste of what the actual jaw surgery will be like. Also I have stitches!! I only noticed them yesterday, they didn't actually tell me they'd put them in which was wierd, but I could sort of feel them so I looked in the mirror and theres big black bits of string sticking up! I hope they will just disolve away, I'm sure they'd be the disolvable kind if they didn't even tell me they were there? I hope so!!
Also I've just constantly been taking paracetamol and codiene! codiene is so good it helps so much I love it
This is me on Tuesday, the day after the operation.
 This is me today! I'm way more swollen today, I really hope it starts to go down soon..

4 December 2011


Tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth operation!! I'm feeling a bit nervous now, I was fine before because I was just relieved it was finally happening but now I'm feeling scared because it's so close..
Just in case you don't know, I'm having my wisdom teeth out because the space where they were is where they do the jaw surgery operation! and I have to have it now so that the bone can strengthen before I have jaw surgery.
I've never had general anesthetic before..eeek but I'm sure everything will be fine! I'll do a post tomorrow or in the next couple of days to say what it was like:)

18 October 2011

8 months of braces

woah it doesn't feel like 8 months at all! My teeth have changed a lot in the time, I've done a before/after thing but it's quite hard to tell in photos whats changed because it depends so much on the angle you take the photo at..
This is before braces
and this is 8 months after! I think everything has generally been widened and straightened, and my bite is way more under now.

11 September 2011

underbite central

cannot wait to wave goodbye to photos like this! urghh vile

29 August 2011

The best Summer:)

Hi everyone:)
I have had such an amazing summer, I've been to Kefalonia, then Brittany with some friends, then to Paris with my family and australian relatives, and then back home and my cousin Rebecca whos been my best friend ever since I was little, stayed with us for 2 weeks. It was the funnest Summer in the entire world I'm going to remember it my whole life!! It was mainly so nice to see Rebecca again after all the years apart, we had such a magical time, but the other day she went back to Australia, and now I feel a bit flat and empty doh!
My auntie and my two little cousins Nick and Dom also stayed with us for a bit, and I told them all about my surgery. It was so sweet, Dommy whos 8 listened really really carefully, and then a couple of days later just randomly said
'Rosa, why did your jaws turn back to front?'
I thought that was the cutest thing ever, and showed that he'd obviously been thinking about it! Hes such a little cutie and so is his brother Nick I miss them both heaps!
I went to get my wire changed the other day, she put on a thicker wire, and she said that I might get a bit of pain in my back teeth because she said shes trying to bring them down.
This is me and Bec walking through the beautiful streets of Paris

Nick and Dom!
Us all with the eiffel tower:)

Me and my beautiful cousin!!

12 July 2011


my teeth HURT!! they've seriously never hurt this much before, they hardly hurt at all when I had my bottom brace put on for some reason. I think it's having them on both sets of teeth, because my teeth clang together, and then the pain kind of resinates through my head!
I can only eat soup and yoghurt:(
but at least I know the braces are working!!

11 July 2011

top brace is on!!

hello! I got my top braces on today just a few hours ago, and I think my teeth are already straighter! amazing:)
It was SUCH a long appointment, I was exhausted by the end! ha she had to take off a bonded retainer that I had on from the last time I had braces, it was not a pleasent experience at all. She had to chizel at it with this buzzing thing to get the cement off (not a very good description sorry!!) but it wouldn't come off because she must have stuck it on really well or something.. I had to sit there with my teeth being chizeled for ages! I felt like I wouldn't have any teeth left! and I think she was getting pretty frustrated because she was pressing on so hard ouch
but it's off now phew! and the backs of my front teeth feel so smooooth:)
and then she put 2 more metal bands on my back teeth and my top brace on. Now not one of my teeth is bare! they all have either a bracket or a band on yaaay
smiling:) I got light pink again, I think next time I'm going to go for a change!
look how bad my bite now is!! and theres one bottom tooth that is rotated, It's so stubbern it does not want to move at all. It's the one with the silver bracket on.
smiling profile(teeth not clenched, this is how I normally smile)
clenched teeth
profile (apart from I'm doing something a bit wierd with my mouth/chin)
These braces were way less traumatic than when I got my bottom braces on (I cried after that appointment  because I felt so ugly!!) because they slightly balance out my bite. It poofs my top lip out a little bit! The only annoying thing is my top lip keeps catching on them, but other than that I'm pretty much almost used to them already:)

5 July 2011

summer holidays!

hello everyone! I thought i was well overdue for an update to let everyone know where I'm up to:) nothing that teeth related has really been happening, which is why I havn't posted in a while, but what has been happening is my bite has been continuing to become more exagerated and my teeth are really moving around! Infact, I went in for a tightening appointment probably about a month ago, and my orthodonist said that she could tell that my bite had changed when she was standing all the way accross the waiting room to call me in! She said 'wow your bite has really got worse hasn't it, your bottom lip sticks out so much further now!' and what I found a little bit strange was that she said all this with a massive grin on her face! Like I should be overjoyed about it!! but I suppose it is the point of why I have this brace on, so she'd naturally be pleased that they were doing their job:) It isn't really too bad though, the changes are in millimetres, and most people really don't notice. It's just me and my orthodontist really who do, and that's because we know about the whole thing!
I got 2 more of those little blue spacers put in between my bottom back teeth yesterday, they are so that she can put more of those massive silver bands on my two very back teeth  because she couldn't get them on last time. I'm not quite sure why I actually need them on those teeth, I have them on 4 of my top teeth and at the moment 2 of my bottom teeth, and they're not really doing anything. Just sitting there and being all metally and big ha:) I asked my orthodontist and she just said 'well, all your teeth need to have something on them'...?! hmmm
Anyway, next week as well as getting those bands on, shes also taking off a bonded retainer I have on from the last braces I had, and! putting my top brace on!! yaaaaay I'm quite pleased about that because I think it'll slightly balance out my bite because it'll poof my top lip out a slight bit in relation to my bottom one. So that's good!
I feel so happy at the moment because it is the holidays!! I have no school/exams/work and I can just relax and have fun! I just came back the day before yesterday from a holiday in Kefalonia, which is a Greek island, I had the BEST time! It really was a holiday of a lifetime I'm going to remember it forever. It was just so beautiful, it was like a paradise island and just so exotic, and the sun was constantly shining! I felt like it was warming up my bones from the inside and healing all the stuffyness you get after a while of always having gloomy rainy english weather:) (although that can be nice too sometimes in a way!)  I went with a group of 5 friends and we all got on really well and were just laughing and smiling the whole time. The sea as well, was unrealll it was so blue it was almost luminous! and it was so nice to swim in because it was warm. Probably the highlight of the holiday was seeing turtles in a bay called Abithos bay, it was amazing they were massive and they came right up close to us and popped their heads out the water like they were trying to say hello! Also another highlight, was when we went to this greek dancing night called Zanthos, where you had a meal while some people were doing traditional greek dancing and you could watch. Anyway, at one point they carried in this table, and two men were dancing around the table while a woman was dancing on top of the table. After they'd finished the men came in the audience and were trying to make people dance on the table like the woman had been! Me and my friends were just like oh my gosh, that would be so embarrassing lets just keep our heads down, but then! They came over and were trying to drag us to it!! Then we thought oh well it will be fine if we all do it together, but then the guy said 'no, one at a time' so I just thought oh what the hell I'll never see any of these people again, and I jumped up and got my boogie on infront of a whole load of greeks/tourists who were trying to casually eat their tea! It was so funny:)
I'm going to put on some photos of my holiday.......
The beautiful blue blueee sea!
Me and my friend Kasia in front of the breath taking view

A turtle popping it's head up!

I wrote my name in the sand:) I was falling over as the photo was being taken and my friend just captured it!!
We were staying in my friend Katie's holiday villa that her family has, and we were so lucky that we had our own pool:)
These are cocktails that a very handsome Greek waiter made for us (we nicknamed him 'fitros' because all Greek names seem to have ros on the end!! It became like a running joke of the holiday, after that whenever we saw an attractive Greek man we'd say something like 'oh look, it's Fitros's brother, Hunkos' hehee!)
Heres me dancing on the table at the Greek dancing night! dancing the night awayyy:D

15 May 2011

my bites gotten worse!:(

hello!! I've had braces for about 2 months now and my bite is now way worse, I knew this was part of the deal but it still makes me a bit sad!!
here are some photos..

This is a bit of a wierd photo but oh well It shows my bite well!!

this is a profile photo:
It's so frustrating my bite getting worse- it just makes me want the surgery to be sooner:( I hate this waiting thing! I think my speakings got worse too, people seem to be constantly mishearing me and going 'errm, what did you say?', because my words are always merging together. On a happy note I dyed my hair dark red!! tell me if you like it:)

27 April 2011

a little butterfly landed on my hand!!:D

18 April 2011

my dream

I had a really scary dream about my jaw surgery last night!! I dreamt that I'd just had the surgery and everything was good, and I was in the hospital with mum, and I was recovering really fast even though it was just the first day after the surgery. and I looked in the mirror, at my bite and it looked so amazing and perfect.....but then.. dun dun duuuunnnnnn!! I realised, that they had forgotten to put the elastic bands on to stop me opening my mouth! and it felt like my jaws weren't properlly secured on, because there were no bands there so it felt like my jaws were going to fall off! It was horrible, and I was trying to hold my jaws to my face with my hands but it wasn't working, aaahhhh
HOW SCARYY!! haaa I think it's a sign of how much I keep thinking about this surgery, It's taking over my sleeping life as well as my waking life!

3 April 2011

Surgical Correction of Open Bites

I think I'm also having this done to my top jaw to take away my open bite.. because I have an under bite aand an open bite:)

14 March 2011


this is a picture of my braces:D I feel better about them now, it was just a bit of a shock at first, but I'm getting used to them.
But I keep biting my toungue, it's infuriating!!haa like when I say certain letters like especially 's' i accidently chomp down on it and it's really painful and irritating, and really takes the punch out of what I'm trying to say!! ha but I think that will go as I get used to them:)

12 March 2011

I look like a chimp:(

I just got my braces on yesterday..
noooooo they look so wierd and just exagerate my bite more....my bottom lip comes out further than it did before too:(
and it makes it hard to talk and smile!! how sad, and when I smile you can see a bump where the brace is..
the reason she only put them on the bottom is that she says theres more to do on the bottom, because I already had them on my top teeth a few years ago, but I really wish she'd just put them on there anway, because then it would look so much more even and less chimp like.
also they feel way too big for my mouth, every time I talk it's like they don't fit and want to jump out!and they kind of grate against my bottom lip..but I think that's something I'll get used too:)
the most annoing thing is how they exagerate everything bad about my face.. but I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end!!:)

1 March 2011

a video!! yipeee

The photos I tryed to show are really unclear, so I think I'll scan some and actually post them on here later!!:D
hope you like the video, it's a bit wierd but I felt a bit psycho talking to myself!!haa
bye everyone!x

28 February 2011


hii! I thought I'd do a post seeing as I hadn't done one in ages:D
I'm getting the little blue spacing things in my teeth on Friday! So that will be the official start to my 'journey' can't wait!
I'm constantly thinking about the surgery!! in a good way though, I'm so excited I just keep wondering what I'll look like after, and the subtle changes to my face..ooo
I had a house party in my house the other day! It was so much fun and everyone had a really good time. It was defffinately worth the stress(I got worried people wouldn't have fun but they all loved it yayy)
but yesterday I had SO much tidying to do! and now our front room floor is covered with little dents from peoples high heels, haa:)
I'm going to add some photos of the partayy

This is me and my friend olivia! I love this photo apart from she thinks she looks like a man in it- so not true!!:D

This is me and my friend mary-ann

This is a photo where you can see the underbite really badly so that I'm not going off on too much of a tangent:)

16 January 2011

TEETH!! and profile shots:)

Hello!! I am going to show some photos of my bite, and some profile photos:D (from the side)
kay so! this shows how bad the 'open bite' is, (my teeth are actually clenched together!) I can't wait till my teeth properly fit together, i imagine it feels amazing. And it also shows how my bottom teeth come out further than my top teeth. This photo is really rubbishy quality because it's from my phone, but I think you get the general idea!!

This just shows my general bite. I put it in black and white because for some reason it kind of looked clearer and easier to see when I did that!:)
and here is a profile photo:) you can see how my bottom lip is a lot fuller than my top lip in this, thats because of my underbite. The surgeon guy said that after my surgery my top lip will become a lot more fuller!! yaaaay
and here is a profile proto where i'm smiling!!

14 January 2011

I just found out how to add photos!! ok here are some photos that are kind of posed, but cbb to actually take photos of my teeth now:D
so one day I'll take some photos of my teeth so you can actually see my bite:) I just realised, in my first entry I never said what is actually wrong with my bite!! I have an underbite, and an open bite

(I'm the person on the right) you can kind of see my underbite in these 2 photos but not well because I'm obviously hiding it because a photo is being taken hahaa (I do hide it subconciously though)
I'll have to take ones just of my bite, but for now these will do:) also you can see how long my face is and how my jaw juts out. My face will be smaller when I have the surgery because they are going to like angle my top jaw or something and then my bottom jaw will go up (I don't really understand it but it made sense when the surgeon guy said it!!pahaa)
woahh I just found a really unflattering photo of me from bellow(the worst possible angle!) and the side!! but it will show you my bite thinggg,

ewwwwwwwwww!! but you see what I mean hey:S
and here is a mental crazy psycho photo to end on a funny note!!pahaa:) I will add in picture of my actual teeth soooooon


I have decided to make a blog to track my journey through orthodontic jaw surgery, and to hopefully inspire people or maybe to cheer them up when they're feeling sad because of their bite/teeth, and also I think it'll just be a fun thing for me to do! anywayy..
I made the big decision to have the surgery just today, but it has always been an option that has been looming over my life as a route I could go down. When I was about 15 I had decided that I wasn't going to have it, because I didn't really know what it meant..I thought they'd just kind of shove your bottom jaw back and then that would be it! but noo, they actually cut a bit of your bone out and secure it with bits of metal:S when I found out that it really scared me and I decided it wasn't worth it..
but, partly because of reading peoples blogs, I have now decided that it definately will be worth it:) It's not that I don't like how I look now, but I think I will look so much better after. My face will be more in proportion, because at the moment its kinda bottom heavy haa. Also I kind of have to think about hiding my bite sometimes, like I can't do a massive cheesy grin, I have to just show my top teeth and hide my bottom teeth when I smile! so thats kinda stupid that I have to think about smiling jeeez hahaa
and talking to the my orthodontist, nicola, and the surgeon guy who I just met today (they are both soo nice! I'm so glad that I have them as my little jaw team, they were so encouraging and reassuring, and they treat you like a person rather than like a specimin like some orthodontist people I've had before did:S) made me realise that it is such an amazingly clever thing they can do, and I might as well take advantage of that and GO FOR IT!!:D and now I've made the decision I feel soo happy and excited! I just can't wait for the whole thing to get going!! I get my braces on in march and then in the summer they have to take my wisdom teeth out, and then they say my actual surgery will either be in the summer or christmas of 2012:) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!