14 January 2011


I have decided to make a blog to track my journey through orthodontic jaw surgery, and to hopefully inspire people or maybe to cheer them up when they're feeling sad because of their bite/teeth, and also I think it'll just be a fun thing for me to do! anywayy..
I made the big decision to have the surgery just today, but it has always been an option that has been looming over my life as a route I could go down. When I was about 15 I had decided that I wasn't going to have it, because I didn't really know what it meant..I thought they'd just kind of shove your bottom jaw back and then that would be it! but noo, they actually cut a bit of your bone out and secure it with bits of metal:S when I found out that it really scared me and I decided it wasn't worth it..
but, partly because of reading peoples blogs, I have now decided that it definately will be worth it:) It's not that I don't like how I look now, but I think I will look so much better after. My face will be more in proportion, because at the moment its kinda bottom heavy haa. Also I kind of have to think about hiding my bite sometimes, like I can't do a massive cheesy grin, I have to just show my top teeth and hide my bottom teeth when I smile! so thats kinda stupid that I have to think about smiling jeeez hahaa
and talking to the my orthodontist, nicola, and the surgeon guy who I just met today (they are both soo nice! I'm so glad that I have them as my little jaw team, they were so encouraging and reassuring, and they treat you like a person rather than like a specimin like some orthodontist people I've had before did:S) made me realise that it is such an amazingly clever thing they can do, and I might as well take advantage of that and GO FOR IT!!:D and now I've made the decision I feel soo happy and excited! I just can't wait for the whole thing to get going!! I get my braces on in march and then in the summer they have to take my wisdom teeth out, and then they say my actual surgery will either be in the summer or christmas of 2012:) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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