16 January 2011

TEETH!! and profile shots:)

Hello!! I am going to show some photos of my bite, and some profile photos:D (from the side)
kay so! this shows how bad the 'open bite' is, (my teeth are actually clenched together!) I can't wait till my teeth properly fit together, i imagine it feels amazing. And it also shows how my bottom teeth come out further than my top teeth. This photo is really rubbishy quality because it's from my phone, but I think you get the general idea!!

This just shows my general bite. I put it in black and white because for some reason it kind of looked clearer and easier to see when I did that!:)
and here is a profile photo:) you can see how my bottom lip is a lot fuller than my top lip in this, thats because of my underbite. The surgeon guy said that after my surgery my top lip will become a lot more fuller!! yaaaay
and here is a profile proto where i'm smiling!!


  1. ah; i know exactly how you feel!
    lol i had the same thing as you; when you get the braces your bite will get worse but i mean at the end of the day your going to look amazing

    i had the same concerns with the upper lip and i have an upper lip now =D and your cheeks will be enhanced as well

    good luck with everything =)

  2. hi mai!! thankyou so much for commenting:D when did you have the surgery? have you fully recovered yet?
    thats so exciting that it made your upper lip fuller. And yeah the surgeon guy said that about my cheeks, i'll have big round rosy ones!! yaay i can't wait:D
    and also, about the braces making your bite look more servere, the orthodontist said that won't happen for me (or it might happen a little bit but just very slightly) because my top teeth arn't angled outward or something, so thats good!:D because that was worrying me a bit xoxx

  3. Aw girl you are so gorgeous, but there is definitely a need for the surgery... I mean the bite is really under... HOWEVER... it does look VERY similar to how I was... maybe you will have the same sorta thing done to you. I can tell you have the same problem- your top jaw- it isn't out far enough- you have that "sunken in" look- which is EXACTLY what I had- I was surprised to find out it wasn't necessarily an overgrown bottom jaw, but actually my top jaw was under grown... which was weird to me... did your surgeon say yet? I bet you need both jaws done for the best overally profile- but don't worry, you will turn out fine. :)

    You really are gorgeous! I am so glad you have a blog!!! POST OFTEN! :)

    Love, Makay

  4. makaaaaaaaay!! yay you are completely right about the 'undergrown top jaw' thats exactly what the surgeon said! but he also said my bottom jaw grew too much so I think it's a combination of the 2:D and yeahh I'm having both jaw surgery eeek and also my top jaw is going to be slanted downward or something to take away the open bite.
    and, yes I dooooo have a sunken in face!! like a sinking little boat..hahaa and no cheekbones, thats what annoys me most! I hope after the surgery I'll have cheekbones that would be awesome:D
    I'm just so excited, and of course I'm gonna post AALLLL the time:D so much that you will get sick of it hahaa
    lots of loveexoxoxxx

  5. :) I would never get sick of you darling! And yes... mine was the exact same- pretty crazy! :D

    AND YES! YOU WILL GET CHEEKBONES! :) That was the best part, well one of many haha.

    Love, makmay

  6. ahhh im at 6 weeks post op; im not 100% recovered but im getting there...
    its going to be a crazy ride but its so worth it;
    your going to look so amazing; trust me this surgery does miracles lol; jus the ability to chew proper is one thing but to change ones appearance is even crazier..
    thats my blog thingy hope it helps =)

  7. Hi Rosa!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog! Congrats on making the decision to move forward with the surgery...you will be so happy to get this taken care of. I agree with you - it will be amazing to experience what it feels like to have our teeth work properly!
    My bite is very similar to your. Makay's blog has very good information on her site about the experience!!
    I will keep checking in on your site - keep us posted!

  8. hi brent!! thankyou so much for commenting- its so great to talk to people going through the same thing as me, its so reasurring
    and YESSS! I love makays blog:D it has helped me so much, and seeing her results was one of the main reasons I decided to go ahead with the surgery!! I hope my blog can help people like that tooo:)

  9. It's so comforting to see this blog - I feel like my jaw/face looks very similar to yours! Can't wait to watch you go through the process - it will definitely remind me that the end results will be worth it!

  10. ohh wow thats so interesting to hear that you look similar to me!! do you have a similar bite as well? I'm so glad that you found my blog reassuring, that's why I made it! to hopefully help/support people who are in the same situation as me:D
    Are you getting jaw surgery too?x

  11. Hey,
    I'm really loving your blog, its a deadly idea keeping people updated on all the jaw jazz. The more information you can get on it the better, since the idea of the surgery isent the most appealing when you hear about it first.
    But I had the surgery a few days ago, and to be honest its fine. Nothing to be scared of. But if you want to know anything, dont be afraid to give me a shout on facebook :)

    Sarah :)