14 March 2011


this is a picture of my braces:D I feel better about them now, it was just a bit of a shock at first, but I'm getting used to them.
But I keep biting my toungue, it's infuriating!!haa like when I say certain letters like especially 's' i accidently chomp down on it and it's really painful and irritating, and really takes the punch out of what I'm trying to say!! ha but I think that will go as I get used to them:)

12 March 2011

I look like a chimp:(

I just got my braces on yesterday..
noooooo they look so wierd and just exagerate my bite more....my bottom lip comes out further than it did before too:(
and it makes it hard to talk and smile!! how sad, and when I smile you can see a bump where the brace is..
the reason she only put them on the bottom is that she says theres more to do on the bottom, because I already had them on my top teeth a few years ago, but I really wish she'd just put them on there anway, because then it would look so much more even and less chimp like.
also they feel way too big for my mouth, every time I talk it's like they don't fit and want to jump out!and they kind of grate against my bottom lip..but I think that's something I'll get used too:)
the most annoing thing is how they exagerate everything bad about my face.. but I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end!!:)

1 March 2011

a video!! yipeee

The photos I tryed to show are really unclear, so I think I'll scan some and actually post them on here later!!:D
hope you like the video, it's a bit wierd but I felt a bit psycho talking to myself!!haa
bye everyone!x