1 March 2011

a video!! yipeee

The photos I tryed to show are really unclear, so I think I'll scan some and actually post them on here later!!:D
hope you like the video, it's a bit wierd but I felt a bit psycho talking to myself!!haa
bye everyone!x


  1. Loved the video- had me smiling throughout! So nice to see you are excited for your treatment. Can't wait to see more videos and pictures from you. It's so interesting following other people's progress.

    Hope you are good! :D

  2. I'm so glad you liked it!! I really enjoyed making it, I droned on for ages hahaa
    and I know I love seeing other peoples blogs who are in similar situations to me it's so nice:D
    and same can't wait to see how you get onn:) you are gonna look amazing xoxox

  3. Your video is great...debating the best and worst camera angles is hilarious. Are you getting use to the braces yet?

    I remember the first week feeling like my lips didn't know where to rest. The upper lip would get caught above the braces like I was impersonating Billy Idol or something. After the first four days your mouth begins to get use to the braces. Now I don't even notice them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm hyped to follow yours. We sort of have the same issues and facial/chin shape. When are you having your surgery again?

  4. Hey Rosa!
    Thanks for checking out my blog! Just had a look at your video and it was really great!! You have such a fun personality :) keep posting..
    oh and by the way I LOVE your accent too!!! I have family in England and visited them in 2009, had such a great time. Cant wait to visit again soon :) Pommy accents are the best :)
    Your bite is very different to mine, but I can see how your would have similar problems with eating and biting down etc.

  5. Rosa! I just found your blog now :) I am excited to read through your experiences! :)

    and to Rhianna, if you see this, I think it's so funny that you say you love her accent. I would kill for EITHER of your accents! American accents are soo laaammeee :-P