29 December 2011

surgery is creeping closer

Hellooo! I'm very excited. Everthing is moving along and the surgery feels really real now, rather than something just off in the far distant future.
I had an orthodontist appointment a couple of weeks ago, and my orthodontist changed my wires again. I now have my final wires on, so these are the wires I'll have when I'm having my surgery! She also took new molds of my teeth because she said that my teeth probably aren't going to move any more now:) (I'm glad about that because I really don't think my bite could be any more under than it is already..it's horrible)
I will probably have my surgery in July of 2012. My orthodontist said I'd probably be ready before that, but I can't have it sooner because I have to wait until my art course is finished. July feels really soon though. It's wierd it kind of feels soon but also too far away at the same time! 
heres a horrible picture where my jaw looks like it's jutting out into the next room. I really hope that I don't often look this bad! It really is the photos that you don't know are being taken that end up being the most repulsive..
aaaaaaaaahhh!! so horrid
here are some nice christmassy photos to balance out that hideous one:)
Hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas, and that new year is lots of fun!

7 December 2011

Wisdom teeth

Hi everyone!:) I had my wisdom teeth operation on Monday and it is now wednesday, I am sooo swollen! I didn't expect that really, I thought it would only be a little bit but I look like an actual hamster!
The actual operation wasn't that bad, I was is A LOT of pain when I woke up though mainly because I had a really really really bad headache/migraine, and a sore throat and ear ache and jaw ache and neck ache!! pretty much my entire head was just throbbing:( it was really horrible but then they gave me codiene and I felt way way better really fast after that:)
Then on Monday night I tried to sleep lying on my back because I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to squidge my swollen cheeks by sleeping on them but that was so uncomfy and I ended up just sleeping on my side anyway. Then I woke up at pretty much hourly intervals with head/neck/jaw pain and a horrible sore throat (I think that was because they had to put a draining tube thing in my throat I'm not sure) and found it really hard to go back to sleep because I was in loads of pain:( and then last night was even worseee I just felt dreadful and couldn't sleep at all, and today my face is SO massive, I look quite funny actually like a little gerbil or something but my face hurts so much! I really wanted to go look round the degree courses at my uni today with my friend but I've had to stay at home because I feel really headachy and soo tired. I really wanted to go! but oh wellll:)
I'm sorry if I sound like I'm moaning, because everyone else seemed to find the wisdom tooth operation a stressless breeze but for me it was a lot worse than I expected. It is good in a way though because I do feel like I've had a taste of what the actual jaw surgery will be like. Also I have stitches!! I only noticed them yesterday, they didn't actually tell me they'd put them in which was wierd, but I could sort of feel them so I looked in the mirror and theres big black bits of string sticking up! I hope they will just disolve away, I'm sure they'd be the disolvable kind if they didn't even tell me they were there? I hope so!!
Also I've just constantly been taking paracetamol and codiene! codiene is so good it helps so much I love it
This is me on Tuesday, the day after the operation.
 This is me today! I'm way more swollen today, I really hope it starts to go down soon..

4 December 2011


Tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth operation!! I'm feeling a bit nervous now, I was fine before because I was just relieved it was finally happening but now I'm feeling scared because it's so close..
Just in case you don't know, I'm having my wisdom teeth out because the space where they were is where they do the jaw surgery operation! and I have to have it now so that the bone can strengthen before I have jaw surgery.
I've never had general anesthetic before..eeek but I'm sure everything will be fine! I'll do a post tomorrow or in the next couple of days to say what it was like:)