4 December 2011


Tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth operation!! I'm feeling a bit nervous now, I was fine before because I was just relieved it was finally happening but now I'm feeling scared because it's so close..
Just in case you don't know, I'm having my wisdom teeth out because the space where they were is where they do the jaw surgery operation! and I have to have it now so that the bone can strengthen before I have jaw surgery.
I've never had general anesthetic before..eeek but I'm sure everything will be fine! I'll do a post tomorrow or in the next couple of days to say what it was like:)


  1. It will all be fine! No worries!

  2. Good luck! I had this done in Febuary, but it was 8 teeth including wisdoms D: guessing you're going in as a day case? Gives you a sense of what's to come with eating and stuff, stock up on jelly and soup!
    Best of luck, you'll be fine (: xx
    PS I finally have my braces now haha!

  3. I had my wisdom teeth removed for the same reason, I promise you its not nearly as bad as it sounds. I had no pain at all, and it went really well. I really can't complain about any part of it except for the fact that I couldn't eat for a while and had to stick to liquids.

  4. You will do great! The actually surgery is a piece of cake. You lay down and then wake up as if 30 seconds have passed and you are done. Like Terra said, it's the no eating part that is the only pain.
    Good luck!