7 December 2011

Wisdom teeth

Hi everyone!:) I had my wisdom teeth operation on Monday and it is now wednesday, I am sooo swollen! I didn't expect that really, I thought it would only be a little bit but I look like an actual hamster!
The actual operation wasn't that bad, I was is A LOT of pain when I woke up though mainly because I had a really really really bad headache/migraine, and a sore throat and ear ache and jaw ache and neck ache!! pretty much my entire head was just throbbing:( it was really horrible but then they gave me codiene and I felt way way better really fast after that:)
Then on Monday night I tried to sleep lying on my back because I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to squidge my swollen cheeks by sleeping on them but that was so uncomfy and I ended up just sleeping on my side anyway. Then I woke up at pretty much hourly intervals with head/neck/jaw pain and a horrible sore throat (I think that was because they had to put a draining tube thing in my throat I'm not sure) and found it really hard to go back to sleep because I was in loads of pain:( and then last night was even worseee I just felt dreadful and couldn't sleep at all, and today my face is SO massive, I look quite funny actually like a little gerbil or something but my face hurts so much! I really wanted to go look round the degree courses at my uni today with my friend but I've had to stay at home because I feel really headachy and soo tired. I really wanted to go! but oh wellll:)
I'm sorry if I sound like I'm moaning, because everyone else seemed to find the wisdom tooth operation a stressless breeze but for me it was a lot worse than I expected. It is good in a way though because I do feel like I've had a taste of what the actual jaw surgery will be like. Also I have stitches!! I only noticed them yesterday, they didn't actually tell me they'd put them in which was wierd, but I could sort of feel them so I looked in the mirror and theres big black bits of string sticking up! I hope they will just disolve away, I'm sure they'd be the disolvable kind if they didn't even tell me they were there? I hope so!!
Also I've just constantly been taking paracetamol and codiene! codiene is so good it helps so much I love it
This is me on Tuesday, the day after the operation.
 This is me today! I'm way more swollen today, I really hope it starts to go down soon..


  1. Hey Rosa! I had the same experience with my wisdom teeth removal. I was pretty sore for a couple of weeks any my mouth felt disgusting for a while, since food collects in the holes left back there. But at least you have an excuse now to eat lots of ice cream!
    Good luck!

  2. AWww I hope you're feeling better soon. That really sucks that you've had such a rough time with the wisdom teeth removal.
    The good thing is the teeth are gone and you'll never have to go through that again, well except for the surgery but I think the result of that will be more exciting.

  3. I know!! I'm just worried that if I'm finding this hard then what will I be like with the actual jaw surgery...:S apart from your so right the jaw surgery feels like it's got more of a point and you'll be able to see your new exciting bite emerging! So hopefully the excitment feeling will overpower the pain feeling! hahaa:)
    I'm feeling a little bit better today though, I slept better last night and I think my swelling has fiinally started to go down a little bit yaaay xx

  4. The good news is swelling peaks at 3 days so it should be going down everyday now. I hope you have a quick recovery!

  5. Oh no! Well I hope you are feeling better! For me the wisdom teeth was simple, I definitely did not swell, but for my surgery my face was ginormous. As long as you take your medicine on time post op you should be fine pain wise.. The first few days after surgery are the worst and you kind of wonder "why in the world would I put myself through this" but once you get through those first few days of feeling like you were hit by a truck, you remember why you did all of this and that the one week of discomfort is worth the rest of your life being free of tmj pain and having perfect straight jaws. Good luck with everything and I hope you are feeling much better!

  6. Hi Rosa!! I've just discovered your blog, and I'm sooooo glad I did :) I'm also having jaw surgery some time next year (they won't give me an exact time yet, but likely around a year from now). My surgery will be the reverse of yours, to correct my massive overbite/overjet. I know from reading your other posts how you're looking forward to having less chin/lower jaw action..so i'm just the opposite lol. having a chin is my dream :P

    Anyway, I'm sorry you're having a rough time with the wisdom teeth..I had mine done in June and the first day was horrid. I had the neck/head/jaw pain and a wicked sore throat, but by the following day it was a lot better. I had massive swelling the first day too but it went down fairly quickly..I got off pretty easy overall. Too bad that's not the same for everyone! :( I hope you're feeling better/less swollen now. Codiene was my best friend after my surgery!

    And thanks again for making your blog, I've been sitting here reading each of your previous posts and it's such a huge comfort. No one I know has ever been through this type of surgery, so finding people who understand is really reassuring :) xx

  7. I actually had 3 wisdom teeth removed at the same time. The morning after my operation seems like there was a blood bath on my pillow. Very uncomfortable, but I got through

  8. andrea, I'm so glad you liked my blog! that's so good to hear:)

    and my wounds didn't really bleed that much! That surprised me because I'd been told that was the worst part, I think it was because they stitched them up rather than just leaving holes. I had all 4 of mine out at the same time!!

  9. Haha. Hamsters usually have big cheeks because they store their food in them. I kinda laughed when you said you looked like a hamster. Anyway, when I had my wisdom tooth extracted, I took codiene too, and it helped a lot. =)

  10. I understand the discomfort that you felt when you underwent wisdom tooth operation. Such surgery is really painful. Swelling may occur, and the recovery period may take time. But after such distressing moments, you will experience a total relief. With regard to your comment that you look like a hamster, I beg to disagree. You look so beautiful to look like a hamster even with a swollen face.
    Claudia Ortiz