28 April 2012

I am 100% surgery ready!

Yesterday my orthodontist put my surgical hooks on!

I look like a robo mouth.

but I don't care because now this means if any cancelations come up in June/July I'll just be able to go for it straight away and they'll be nothing holding me back.
My orthodontists been amazing as well, shes done everything that she can do to help me get an earlier date. shes emailed my surgeon, and now she says shes going to write a letter saying that I have the surgical hooks on and that I am ready for whatever date he can offer!
Normally I would be really annoyed to have so much extra metal in my mouth for no immediate reason, but I just so desperately want an earlier date so that I can go to Australia as soon as I can. So I am willing to have any amount of metal in my mouth in order for that to happen:)
smiling profile photo, with clenched teeth.

One incredibly sad thing is, that now I can't have colours on my braces!
That was the one fun thing about braces.....
but It's because they fall off during the surgery.

10 April 2012

tongue worries

Hello my beautiful jaw friends!
I just wanted to make a post because I've recently been having some worries about how much my surgeon told me he was going to move my jaws......
I've seen on other peoples blogs that part of the reason they are having jaw surgery is because their tongue doesn't fit on the roof of their mouth, and so the top jaw needs to be moved forward to make space for their tongue.
Well, mine doesn't fit in the roof of my mouth AT ALLLL.. when it's just resting, it lies between my top and bottom teeth, or sometimes behind my bottom teeth.
The reason I'm worried is that the surgeon is moving my top jaw forward by only 2mm, and the majority of the movement is going to be in my bottom jaw. I don't think 2 mm more room will be enough to make my tongue fit, and if my tongue still doesn't fit after, I was thinking maybe it would push my teeth into a bad bite again...?! eeek! well anyway I'm going to ask about it in my next appointment but I was just wondering if this is a rational worry or not. I think this is all called 'tongue thrust' but I have no idea really I don't understand it very well!!