28 April 2012

I am 100% surgery ready!

Yesterday my orthodontist put my surgical hooks on!

I look like a robo mouth.

but I don't care because now this means if any cancelations come up in June/July I'll just be able to go for it straight away and they'll be nothing holding me back.
My orthodontists been amazing as well, shes done everything that she can do to help me get an earlier date. shes emailed my surgeon, and now she says shes going to write a letter saying that I have the surgical hooks on and that I am ready for whatever date he can offer!
Normally I would be really annoyed to have so much extra metal in my mouth for no immediate reason, but I just so desperately want an earlier date so that I can go to Australia as soon as I can. So I am willing to have any amount of metal in my mouth in order for that to happen:)
smiling profile photo, with clenched teeth.

One incredibly sad thing is, that now I can't have colours on my braces!
That was the one fun thing about braces.....
but It's because they fall off during the surgery.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you! :D Good luck on getting an appropriate date ^-^

    Also don't worry about the colours thing haha, my hospital doesn't even offer them so I'm staying with silver the whole way through this process!

    Beth (:

  2. when I had my last ortho visit before surgery I was all ready to pick out the color I'd have for months only to come to the same sad realization... no colored ties during surgery! :( at least the ss ties are easier to keep clean!

  3. oh my gosh beth that is so unfair on you! I reckon you should request that they order in coloured ones especially for you:) haa
    and laura I really was truely devastated! It's a silly thing to be annoyed about but I loved picking what colour to have each time:D and I find my braces soooo hard to clean with these hooks on. Food gets stuck so badly, I feel like I have to brush them after to every meal or snack!

  4. Hi,nice pic.cool you are,and cute with braces.do you have headgear too?
    Hopes you come with colored rubberband,good luck.bye bye

  5. Omg Rosa!!!! I'm soooo excited for you!!! That is amazing!!
    My ortho needs to learn a lesson from your ortho!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get put on a waiting list asap as well. It's so cool how we're both heading to aus after surgery. Hope everything happens asap for you and that you get to go sooner.

  6. Yayy for being surgery ready!! That is really weird that none of you got to have colors on during surgery. I had some purple ties on my braces. I just checked to make sure and they definitely were there with my surgical hooks.

  7. Wow June! Thats soo close! You must be soo excited.

    Those surgical hooks really mean business huh! I guess it makes it really feel in motion now.

    keep posting!!

  8. You're getting your surgery in June? how awesome(: & you get to go to Aussi after?! SO lucky! I get my surgery on May 25 & i'm super nervous! It will be so worth it though. I'll make sure to keep up with your blogging!

  9. hi kayla-jay!:) well june or july is what I'm wishing for but my surgeon actually told me september.. I can't even imajine having it then though it would just mess so many things up so I am hoping they'll be a canceltion so I can have an earlier date! and yessss I'm going to Australia when I'm well enough to go after surgery:D I am soo excited about it it's my faourite place in the world! it's like paradise
    oh my gosh your surgery is only a couple of weeks away wooowww! thats so exciting but don't worry anyone would be nervous, but you'll be absolutely fine:) do you have a blog? xx

  10. Woah this totally just freaked me out as your teeth look sooo like mine - i even have the exact same hooks!
    I love your blog by the way!
    Louise xx