29 December 2011

surgery is creeping closer

Hellooo! I'm very excited. Everthing is moving along and the surgery feels really real now, rather than something just off in the far distant future.
I had an orthodontist appointment a couple of weeks ago, and my orthodontist changed my wires again. I now have my final wires on, so these are the wires I'll have when I'm having my surgery! She also took new molds of my teeth because she said that my teeth probably aren't going to move any more now:) (I'm glad about that because I really don't think my bite could be any more under than it is already..it's horrible)
I will probably have my surgery in July of 2012. My orthodontist said I'd probably be ready before that, but I can't have it sooner because I have to wait until my art course is finished. July feels really soon though. It's wierd it kind of feels soon but also too far away at the same time! 
heres a horrible picture where my jaw looks like it's jutting out into the next room. I really hope that I don't often look this bad! It really is the photos that you don't know are being taken that end up being the most repulsive..
aaaaaaaaahhh!! so horrid
here are some nice christmassy photos to balance out that hideous one:)
Hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas, and that new year is lots of fun!


  1. I feel like we're on he exact same timeline. I got my final wires a couple weeks ago and I'm ready around the same time as you but pushing for the earliest date possible at this point, which will still be around april or may.
    I feel like all my pictures are getting worse and worse from specific angles. In some pictures I have this horrid looking underbite and crooked jaw and I look like a joke.
    All in the name of progress though, lets hope these next few months go by fast so we can get our surgeries and take happy profile pictures :D

  2. Hey Rosa! Pretty much every profile picture I see of myself is both shocking and repulsive to me. I think us jaw surgery people can all relate to that. But all in time;) Happy New Year!