7 January 2012

nosey noses

Ok! I have a question for post surgery people:) How many of you had an 'alar stitch'? Did you find that it made your nose widen less after the surgery? Would you recomend it? This is one of my main worries, because my nose is already quite wide and I don't want to end up with a massive nose..haa
I think I'm going to ask my surgeon if he was planning on using one next time I see him:) Originally he said the changes to my nose would only be positive though, so I don't know if that means he was thinking of using the stitch thing, or maybe he just thinks that wide noses are good I don't know...or maybe he was just being optimistic.. :S The last time I saw my surgeon was in January (I think..) so thats why I haven't asked him about this yet!!


  1. Hi, Rosa.

    I didn't have an alar stitch and although I may have had some widening at first, a lot was due to swelling. Obviously my case is a little different as I had an overbite but I've only ever seen positive effects to the nose after any jaw surgery.

    Definitely raise your concerns with your surgeon but I'm sure you will be thrilled with your results.

    I'm so excited to see. :D

  2. I had an altar stitch by request. My nose did not change at all. I would ask him about your specific case for sure.

  3. thanks you two! thats interesting to know:) at the moment I'm thinking I'd really like to have one just from what I've heard, but it's definately top on my list of questions for when I see my surgeon.