18 October 2011

8 months of braces

woah it doesn't feel like 8 months at all! My teeth have changed a lot in the time, I've done a before/after thing but it's quite hard to tell in photos whats changed because it depends so much on the angle you take the photo at..
This is before braces
and this is 8 months after! I think everything has generally been widened and straightened, and my bite is way more under now.


  1. I totally hear you, I feel the same thing happening to my bite. I had an adjustment yesterday and its already changed again!!! overnight! I love that our process is along the same timeline, it'll be great to have someone to talk to about everything when we have our surgeries!

  2. It happens. Unfortunately... just know the end of the road is coming... soon. And this will all become a distant memory. :)

  3. hi makay!!:) yesss can't wait for when I'm at that stage and when everything is getting better rather than worse.. it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would though, I think because the changes are so gradual..
    and terra thats so true!:) I think your right we'll be having it at similar times it'll be so great being able to talk to you and know your going/recently gone through the same thing!

  4. Your teeth look great! I remember when my underbite seemed to get so much worse after braces, thanks to straightening out... it sucks, but it flies by. It seems like that was just yesterday and now I'm on the other side! Soon you will be too!