11 September 2011

underbite central

cannot wait to wave goodbye to photos like this! urghh vile


  1. yay, updates! :P You know that you do look amazingly beautiful, right? But yah, I know what it feels like to have an underbite. I have an underbite and open bite too, and I hate my jaw SO much. Partly, cause mine looks super manly, and I'm transgender, etc. But anyway, I lol'd when I read your post about hiding your bottom teeth when you smile, I do the same, and some people even tell me "smile properly!" when they're taking a photo. It's so annoying. And destists treating you like a specimin, has happened to me, f*ck them.
    But it's also kinda cool cause our faces have "jaw"esome (okay, stupid joke some once said to me) but really cool profiles.
    I wish you the best! You are gonna look fantastic! you are already really beautiful, and looking even better after surgery will probably create a paradox that will destroy the universe... But it will be okay :D
    I hope I eventually get surgery too, even though my parents are freaking out about it :P
    Sorry for writing such a long comment. Best wishes, your blog rocks!

  2. oh my gosh I loved reading that so much thankyou!! that was so nice:D and oh my days...JAWSOME!! ahahhaa I have never laughed so hard, best joke! I'm going to use that:) actually I'm getting second thoughts now- don't want to stop being jawsomeee!
    I think my jaw looks really manly too, I completely know what you mean with that.. I can't wait until it looks more feminine I think that'll be one of the best things!
    It's so nice talking to people that relate to all these things! I think if I didn't have this blog I'd feel kind of alone with my wierd jaw ha:)
    Good luck deciding on whether to get the surgery, I actually think that's one of the hardest parts. It took me years to fully decide to go ahead with it, It's such a massive life changing thing and It's a massive decision to face. My parents didn't really like the idea at first either, I'm sure your parents will come around if you do decide it's really what you want to do! keep looking at peoples blogs that really helped me with deciding:)

  3. hi rosa my name is luly i`m from argentina and i find your blog very helfull, in my country nobody write a blog telling her/his experiences and after reading yours i`m thinking i could write one myself i really love to read about you and your experience with this process and i understand you completly it`s too hard to live with this and alone because nobody around you understand beause you know it is not common.
    i start with braces in march i think you too right? and i think my surgery will be in march 2012 but i stil don`t know
    not much to say but thanks you for your blog it is too important to me to talk and read from other girls with the same problem i have
    thanks you a lot have a nice life you are so pretty
    keep us posting

  4. Hey Rosa Ive just been reading your new posts that I've missed. I hope all is well with your progress!

    So my surgery date is actually close to around the same time as your surgery time. It's May 16, 2011. So we're gonna be surgery buddies. lol!

    Keep the posts up! You keep my spirit high! :)

  5. You are adorable in the picture above. Seriously! I know how you feel though, every time I see a picture of myself all I can see is my underbite.

    Also I love the background art of your blog. I don't remember seeing it before. Although its been awhile since I visited.

  6. Hi! :) I'm Christa and i've stumbled upon your blog. You're so pretty! I'm having my underbite surgery too hopefully by this December. :) It feels great to see someone thats going through the same thing. And knowing that i'm not alone. :)People keep teasing me bout my jaw. Gahh, i can't wait until all this is over ><

  7. hi Luly!! I'm so glad that you found my blog helpful, that makes me really happy thats why I made it:) You should definately make your own, writing about this experience has been so important for me!
    Meesh!! yayy surgery buddies thats so cool we'll be keeping each other company:) I wish my surgery could be sooner though, and I wish I could have an actual date- they're always really vague about that!
    hi kristi:) oh nooo I hate that photo, I don't know normally I'm fine with photos of myself but I think that one is truely horrendous, It is just like a picture of my jaw and nothing else! Ohh I'm glad you like the blog background, I just worked out how to change it and this is a picture I did last year for a textiles project! I thought the quotes on it fitted quite well with this journey, you can't really see it properly though haa:)
    Hi Christa, Wow decembers so close you're so lucky!! I so know what you mean it helps so much being able to talk to people with the same thing, I have really found that. I'm so sorry people are being horrible! Don't listen to them they are obviously idiots just let it go over your head:)