29 August 2011

The best Summer:)

Hi everyone:)
I have had such an amazing summer, I've been to Kefalonia, then Brittany with some friends, then to Paris with my family and australian relatives, and then back home and my cousin Rebecca whos been my best friend ever since I was little, stayed with us for 2 weeks. It was the funnest Summer in the entire world I'm going to remember it my whole life!! It was mainly so nice to see Rebecca again after all the years apart, we had such a magical time, but the other day she went back to Australia, and now I feel a bit flat and empty doh!
My auntie and my two little cousins Nick and Dom also stayed with us for a bit, and I told them all about my surgery. It was so sweet, Dommy whos 8 listened really really carefully, and then a couple of days later just randomly said
'Rosa, why did your jaws turn back to front?'
I thought that was the cutest thing ever, and showed that he'd obviously been thinking about it! Hes such a little cutie and so is his brother Nick I miss them both heaps!
I went to get my wire changed the other day, she put on a thicker wire, and she said that I might get a bit of pain in my back teeth because she said shes trying to bring them down.
This is me and Bec walking through the beautiful streets of Paris

Nick and Dom!
Us all with the eiffel tower:)

Me and my beautiful cousin!!


  1. Well done for the exam results! Enjoy the term. Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx
    Your other auntie

  2. thankyou so much auntie lucy!! I am so happy with them:) lots of love xoxoxoooxxx