12 July 2011


my teeth HURT!! they've seriously never hurt this much before, they hardly hurt at all when I had my bottom brace put on for some reason. I think it's having them on both sets of teeth, because my teeth clang together, and then the pain kind of resinates through my head!
I can only eat soup and yoghurt:(
but at least I know the braces are working!!


  1. Hi Rosa!
    My teeth really hurt for about 4-5 days after I got the braces on...but each day the pain got lesser. Hang in there, the pain will go away soon.
    Then you get to play around with the new experience of having all this "stuff" in you mouth and learn to talk and chew and bite with the braces on... (at least that was my experience)!
    Hang in there!

  2. Hi there! I thought I had it bad after just getting the brackets/metal band things put on my back teeth! Did they give you that odd gel stuff to put on if the brace irritates your lips?
    Also just wondering, did you have to get your bite disengaged before you got your braces? It feels like it's taking forever for them to get round to getting mine fixed on ):
    Anyways, hope everything is going well for you!
    Beth (: xx

  3. hi beth:) disengaged??! what's that!? hahaa that sounds scary! they have mentioned anything like that at all.. wierd! I felt like that at first toooo but don't worry it will come round soon:) I've actually had loads of problems with my brace recently I really need to make a post about it at some point
    same to you:) xoxoxoxxx

  4. Haha! That is what consolation is all about. How are your braces now? Orthodontics and braces hurt a lot when you just had them. It takes time before the gums get used to it. Well, I hope everything is good with your braces now and that you can finally eat the food you like.