5 July 2011

summer holidays!

hello everyone! I thought i was well overdue for an update to let everyone know where I'm up to:) nothing that teeth related has really been happening, which is why I havn't posted in a while, but what has been happening is my bite has been continuing to become more exagerated and my teeth are really moving around! Infact, I went in for a tightening appointment probably about a month ago, and my orthodonist said that she could tell that my bite had changed when she was standing all the way accross the waiting room to call me in! She said 'wow your bite has really got worse hasn't it, your bottom lip sticks out so much further now!' and what I found a little bit strange was that she said all this with a massive grin on her face! Like I should be overjoyed about it!! but I suppose it is the point of why I have this brace on, so she'd naturally be pleased that they were doing their job:) It isn't really too bad though, the changes are in millimetres, and most people really don't notice. It's just me and my orthodontist really who do, and that's because we know about the whole thing!
I got 2 more of those little blue spacers put in between my bottom back teeth yesterday, they are so that she can put more of those massive silver bands on my two very back teeth  because she couldn't get them on last time. I'm not quite sure why I actually need them on those teeth, I have them on 4 of my top teeth and at the moment 2 of my bottom teeth, and they're not really doing anything. Just sitting there and being all metally and big ha:) I asked my orthodontist and she just said 'well, all your teeth need to have something on them'...?! hmmm
Anyway, next week as well as getting those bands on, shes also taking off a bonded retainer I have on from the last braces I had, and! putting my top brace on!! yaaaaay I'm quite pleased about that because I think it'll slightly balance out my bite because it'll poof my top lip out a slight bit in relation to my bottom one. So that's good!
I feel so happy at the moment because it is the holidays!! I have no school/exams/work and I can just relax and have fun! I just came back the day before yesterday from a holiday in Kefalonia, which is a Greek island, I had the BEST time! It really was a holiday of a lifetime I'm going to remember it forever. It was just so beautiful, it was like a paradise island and just so exotic, and the sun was constantly shining! I felt like it was warming up my bones from the inside and healing all the stuffyness you get after a while of always having gloomy rainy english weather:) (although that can be nice too sometimes in a way!)  I went with a group of 5 friends and we all got on really well and were just laughing and smiling the whole time. The sea as well, was unrealll it was so blue it was almost luminous! and it was so nice to swim in because it was warm. Probably the highlight of the holiday was seeing turtles in a bay called Abithos bay, it was amazing they were massive and they came right up close to us and popped their heads out the water like they were trying to say hello! Also another highlight, was when we went to this greek dancing night called Zanthos, where you had a meal while some people were doing traditional greek dancing and you could watch. Anyway, at one point they carried in this table, and two men were dancing around the table while a woman was dancing on top of the table. After they'd finished the men came in the audience and were trying to make people dance on the table like the woman had been! Me and my friends were just like oh my gosh, that would be so embarrassing lets just keep our heads down, but then! They came over and were trying to drag us to it!! Then we thought oh well it will be fine if we all do it together, but then the guy said 'no, one at a time' so I just thought oh what the hell I'll never see any of these people again, and I jumped up and got my boogie on infront of a whole load of greeks/tourists who were trying to casually eat their tea! It was so funny:)
I'm going to put on some photos of my holiday.......
The beautiful blue blueee sea!
Me and my friend Kasia in front of the breath taking view

A turtle popping it's head up!

I wrote my name in the sand:) I was falling over as the photo was being taken and my friend just captured it!!
We were staying in my friend Katie's holiday villa that her family has, and we were so lucky that we had our own pool:)
These are cocktails that a very handsome Greek waiter made for us (we nicknamed him 'fitros' because all Greek names seem to have ros on the end!! It became like a running joke of the holiday, after that whenever we saw an attractive Greek man we'd say something like 'oh look, it's Fitros's brother, Hunkos' hehee!)
Heres me dancing on the table at the Greek dancing night! dancing the night awayyy:D


  1. Rosa you are so so cute :) your holiday looked amazing! The water is absolutely beautiful, I am so jealous. You are lucky to live in Europe and be able to have so many amazing places close enough to travel to :)

  2. Hi Rosa!
    Very cool story, that would be so fun to go do! Great pictures too!
    Enjoy your summer break!


  3. Such a fun holiday! I love watching all of you young jaw surgery patients enjoying your lives so much! I remember my bite got so bad before surgery, only 2 teeth in my entire mouth made contact. It was rubbish! It will all be over before you know it!!

  4. only 2! oh wow that would be awful, i'm counting now and only my 4 back teeth make contact, i hope it doesn't get too much worse!it was such an amazing holiday, i wanna go back!!:)