11 July 2011

top brace is on!!

hello! I got my top braces on today just a few hours ago, and I think my teeth are already straighter! amazing:)
It was SUCH a long appointment, I was exhausted by the end! ha she had to take off a bonded retainer that I had on from the last time I had braces, it was not a pleasent experience at all. She had to chizel at it with this buzzing thing to get the cement off (not a very good description sorry!!) but it wouldn't come off because she must have stuck it on really well or something.. I had to sit there with my teeth being chizeled for ages! I felt like I wouldn't have any teeth left! and I think she was getting pretty frustrated because she was pressing on so hard ouch
but it's off now phew! and the backs of my front teeth feel so smooooth:)
and then she put 2 more metal bands on my back teeth and my top brace on. Now not one of my teeth is bare! they all have either a bracket or a band on yaaay
smiling:) I got light pink again, I think next time I'm going to go for a change!
look how bad my bite now is!! and theres one bottom tooth that is rotated, It's so stubbern it does not want to move at all. It's the one with the silver bracket on.
smiling profile(teeth not clenched, this is how I normally smile)
clenched teeth
profile (apart from I'm doing something a bit wierd with my mouth/chin)
These braces were way less traumatic than when I got my bottom braces on (I cried after that appointment  because I felt so ugly!!) because they slightly balance out my bite. It poofs my top lip out a little bit! The only annoying thing is my top lip keeps catching on them, but other than that I'm pretty much almost used to them already:)


  1. Really cute, love the pink! You are on your way...

  2. Oh I had the same experience! I also had a bonded retainer on my bottom teeth and I had to get it taken off. Took ages and was not pleasant at all. The braces look great! Yay you have began the journey! :-)

  3. Hooray for you!
    My teeth always ache a little after each adjutment, but when I first got my braces on they really hurt... I hope you feel better soon!
    Thanks for the update.