15 May 2011

my bites gotten worse!:(

hello!! I've had braces for about 2 months now and my bite is now way worse, I knew this was part of the deal but it still makes me a bit sad!!
here are some photos..

This is a bit of a wierd photo but oh well It shows my bite well!!

this is a profile photo:
It's so frustrating my bite getting worse- it just makes me want the surgery to be sooner:( I hate this waiting thing! I think my speakings got worse too, people seem to be constantly mishearing me and going 'errm, what did you say?', because my words are always merging together. On a happy note I dyed my hair dark red!! tell me if you like it:)


  1. I totally know what you mean, every day my bite feels a little worse. I've had the braces for probably a month or so and I feel my bite opening up more and more.
    I guess its all in the name of progress for us! Do you find its getting harder to chew or talk since your bite is changing?
    P.s. I love this hair colour on you! It goes so well with your complection :)

  2. welcome to the life of braces, them damn things will make your bite even worse trust me but u gotta remember its just in preparation for surgery..once its over itll be so worth it!!

    by the way red hair looks really good on you =)

  3. My overbite is getting worse too- one year in braces so far. I have another 10mos till surgery! I was really upset at first, but you find yourself adjusting. I've learned to chew differently and take smaller bites, but one thing I notice is I spit when I talk sometimes- really embarrassing!

  4. hi terra:) ohhh it is so frustrating our bites becoming more exagerated hey, but your right It's all going to be worth it, I just keep imagining how it'll feel to have my teeth closing properly and it makes me feel so much better:) (only I wish that prospect wasn't so far awayyy.. my surgerys going to be next year at the closest probably), chewings not been that hard, my teeth at the back meet okay, so thats not really that much of a problem for me:) my bites just really open at the front rather than the back, it's wierd! My old orthodontist called it a 'letterbox' hahaa
    But talking is so annoying, and it is getting harder, because my bites becoming more under, so I'm having to adjust to that I think. My orthodontist (my current one, shes way nicer than the one who said I had letterbox teeth!!:D) said that I push my toungue to the front where he gap is, on words where you need to have your teeth completely closed to pronounce, to kind of compensate for my bite!! but I don't even realise I'm doing it, its strange!
    and thankyouu about my hair I love it:) I think it suits me a lot better than the old colour!!
    mai:) thankyou for commenting I know it will be worth it, I'm so excited for my bite to be fixed, I just wish it could be soonerrrr!
    Hi Louise! I think your right I'll get used to the slightly more severe bite, it feels like a big difference at the moment but I'll probably adjust to it like I adjusted to having braces on my teeth:) and that is actually really wierd that you said that about the spitting thing, because I do that too sometimes!! it's the most embarrassing thing ever!xxxoxox

  5. The red looks soo pretty in your hair! It's like a really deep rich red. Gorgeous! The only thing I hate about being red is it fades way too damn quickly.

    I think you would look great with some really cute blonde peek a boos in your hair. lol I work in a hair salon.

    Anyways it's so awesome rosa to see how far you are now in your journey. Best wishes!

  6. Hi there! I'm Beth and I'm coming up to the fixed braces part D:
    I'm also new the to blogspot thing and you're the first jaw surgery blog I found! Can we be orthognathic blogging buddies? (:
    I totally sympathise with you, I'm dreading my bite getting worse and more obvious ):
    Anyways, best of luck for the future! Beth x

  7. aww thanks Meesh!:) yesss it is annoying red fades so fast, mine is aready fading, but I still like the colour- so pleased I went for it and dyed it! and good idea about the blonde that would look awesome! hmm maybe next time:) apart from I don't want to wreck my hair with bleech ha:)
    and I read your post about having to wait to have your surgery because your still growing!! nooo how annoying:( but it'll come up before you know it I promise, it is frustrating though- I reeeally wish mine could be sooner too!
    Beth!!!:D Of course we can be blog pals! I would love that hehee, don't worry the braces aren't that bad- this is quite a negative post I did here, but I don't actually feel that bad about it:) the changes in my bite aren't that noticable to most people, only me and my orthodontist who know about the whole thing!! you'll be fine and then soon we'll have perfect teeth that fit together like a dream! ahh I can't wait:) so glad you made a blog I'm going to follow! can't wait to see your journeyyy xoxoxx

  8. Hey sweet girl, thanks for your kind comments on my blog!! I sympathize with you. The braces are not fun and if you refer to my very first photos prior to surgery, I think only 2 teeth in my mouth made contact. I didn't have an open bite though so that looks even more frustrating. Now that I am 8 weeks post op, I can say that the entire journey has been worth all of the pain and suffering. I can see the end in sight. You are such a beautiful girl and this will only add to that beauty, then when you add the function, and can eat and chew, you will be so glad. I will follow your progress and send you love and support along the way. Hang in there, time goes by fast. You will be so glad to have this blog! I would have never remembered the details and I don't ever want to forget my process, It has been life changing for me!! Cyber hugs to you!!


  9. Hi Rosa,

    I can totally understand the teeth getting worse feeling. I also used to get some confused, "Come again?" or "What was that?" a few times and I was starting to think I wasn't talking loud enough, or just not really thinking about what I was saying when I talked. I am 6 weeks post op and speech is getting back slowly, but my mouth already feels way better and I've been understandable even when I used to open my mouth a few centimeters(3-4 weeks after), it's really different. I used to ask someone if they understood what I said, and suprisingly something I barely understood when I said it was perfectly comprehended by the listener. It's helped my speech so far.

    As for your bite, I can't imagine how much better you're gonna look when the teeth are 100% straight,the jaw protrusion is gone, and with a proper bite you'll be even prettier.