28 February 2011


hii! I thought I'd do a post seeing as I hadn't done one in ages:D
I'm getting the little blue spacing things in my teeth on Friday! So that will be the official start to my 'journey' can't wait!
I'm constantly thinking about the surgery!! in a good way though, I'm so excited I just keep wondering what I'll look like after, and the subtle changes to my face..ooo
I had a house party in my house the other day! It was so much fun and everyone had a really good time. It was defffinately worth the stress(I got worried people wouldn't have fun but they all loved it yayy)
but yesterday I had SO much tidying to do! and now our front room floor is covered with little dents from peoples high heels, haa:)
I'm going to add some photos of the partayy

This is me and my friend olivia! I love this photo apart from she thinks she looks like a man in it- so not true!!:D

This is me and my friend mary-ann

This is a photo where you can see the underbite really badly so that I'm not going off on too much of a tangent:)


  1. those blue bands they put inbetweeen the teeth hurt!! be sure to have some icecream readyy, luckily they only put them on for about a week so yaaay
    this process is going to be long but worth it! your going to look great =)
    -best wishes

  2. hi mai!! I know I have them right now THEY HURT SOO MUCH! I didn't expect it...but it's not like agony, more like just an irritating pain, it feels like I have something stuck between my teeth and I just wanna dental floss it out!haaa:D
    and I knoww I just feel so motivated that I could put up with anything!! lots of love x

  3. Thats my face exactly in the last photo :( except that my smile is worse. Your surgery turned out real good though, you look really pretty :)