14 January 2011

I just found out how to add photos!! ok here are some photos that are kind of posed, but cbb to actually take photos of my teeth now:D
so one day I'll take some photos of my teeth so you can actually see my bite:) I just realised, in my first entry I never said what is actually wrong with my bite!! I have an underbite, and an open bite

(I'm the person on the right) you can kind of see my underbite in these 2 photos but not well because I'm obviously hiding it because a photo is being taken hahaa (I do hide it subconciously though)
I'll have to take ones just of my bite, but for now these will do:) also you can see how long my face is and how my jaw juts out. My face will be smaller when I have the surgery because they are going to like angle my top jaw or something and then my bottom jaw will go up (I don't really understand it but it made sense when the surgeon guy said it!!pahaa)
woahh I just found a really unflattering photo of me from bellow(the worst possible angle!) and the side!! but it will show you my bite thinggg,

ewwwwwwwwww!! but you see what I mean hey:S
and here is a mental crazy psycho photo to end on a funny note!!pahaa:) I will add in picture of my actual teeth soooooon


  1. Your hair is sooooo pretty! :D
    Love, Makay

  2. awww! thankyou thats so nice xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxx