30 July 2012

Day 5 since surgery

Hello Everyone! Day 6 has been prettyyy good. I got an actual good sleep last night and I slept deeply for the first time in days. I had quite a lot of pain this morning, from headache, neckache and jaw ache, but now I feel kind of ok.
One of the most annoying things I've been getting almost constantly, is the feeling that my teeth want to pull apart! It feels like they're being pulled out and that my jaw wants to snap open. Also, today my jaws been twitching a lot and making wierd little pop noises (I hope thats normal:S)
I wanted to tell you all about where my face is numb so I made a wierd little diagram on paint paha:) It's quite scary so I hope it doesn't freak you out! Red means not numb, and blue means numb.
Also the roof of my mouth is completely numb. I think the numbest area would be my top lip, but thankfully my bottom lips hardly numb at all! My surgeon said he was really pleased with how he kept the nerve safe that runs to my lip and chin whilst he did the surgery.
I have become MEGA bruised today! I am yellow and green! Here is a photo
Another good thing is that eating has become way easier. I can swallow fine now, and I've eaten a good amount today! One thing is I'm really not a fan of the fortified drinks they give you, because they don't taste like proper food, but they are nicer if you blend other nice stuff in with them:)
I'm becoming so frustrated with not being able to talk, it's made me realise how integral it is communicating and that I would normally just take it for granted! It's such an effort to write out what I want to say. Also, I'm covered in pen from where I've been writing and then accidently drawn on myself! ha:) 


  1. Awww i love your picture :)
    Thats amazing that you have so much feeling in your bottom jaw. You're looking better and better. Your chin area looks totally different.
    Hope you feel better soon and that you get to enjoy some real food in the near future

  2. you look so beautiful already...
    keep pushing throughhhhh!

  3. I loved the picture! Not only is it cute, but very useful to see where you are numb! You are almost done with your first week of recovery! Yay!!