1 July 2012

Surgery Delayed until The 25th......

Hi everyone!:) Well, I have lots to tell............
I have just been on holiday to Amsterdam, which was amaaazing but I got some really disapointing news while I was there. My Mum called me up halfway through the holiday to say my surgery had to be delayed until the 25th of July! I was so upset at the time because I had completely prepared myself for the July the 2nd date and I felt really ready, I even cried on the phone! I feel ok about it now though, and am just going to make use of these three weeks and have fun until the surgery comes:)
I'm really vague about the details because obviously I couldn't talk to the jaw surgery people from Amsterdam, but my Mum said the receptionist said something like that they forgot to do a vital stage in preparing for surgery! She said they said it was something to do with working out exactly how my bite is so that the surgeon will be able to know exactly how to move my jaws in the operation. So I reckon it'll be something like a mould, which is annoying since I think I've have about 100 of those! ha:)
I'm going in to see the surgeon on the 3rd so that he can do whatever it is he forgot to do, so I'll find out more then.
It's really frustrating but I'm just glad they managed to still give me a July date and that it wasn't delayed more, It's only 3 weeks so I can handle it:)
I also had an incredible time in Holland we did so much fun stuff! Here are some holiday photos...

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