3 August 2012

Day 9

I went to see the orthodontist today about my concerns about my teeth, and they really reassured me that everything was infact fine:) They said they didn't want to put really heavy bands on as they thought it could make other problems occur with my bite, and then said that having heavy bands actually increases the chance of relapse (I didn't really understand how, but they said it did!). They also said they haven't actually got that much control over how my teeth and jaws are going to go now, and that there is scar tissue healing and they can't predict how it is going to heal. I still feel a bit uneasy about not having bands on, but I have lots of appointments coming up so if anything does go wrong they will be able to see.
They actually thought I was being a bit paranoid about my teeth having moved, and they didn't think they had. They agreed that my center line was a bit off though so they have given me one band to wear at night to pull that back to being right.
One thing that I have been thinking about is that there is little openings when I bite down, which I wish weren't there, but maybe eventually they'll sort that out with my braces. I asked them and they said they would be able to help that a bit...
Heres my teeth, you can definately see how my centre line is slightly out of line! but it is still amazing to see how my top teeth come over my bottom teeth! I love it yaaay:)
Heres me trying to smile! pahaa it's so creepy and odd looking at the moment
I'm a lot more swollen on this than the other side! I think that was because  on this side, my surgeon discovered that my sinus had collapsed and had a pollop on it! So he took away the pollop:) I got 2 surgeries for the price of 1!


  1. Hiya Hun. Glad to see your recovering well :) I didn't wear bands after surgery, not until late August/September time after having the surgery in June. My top jaw was rotated to make my center line central, but it has shifted slightly back and it really did annoy me the way it looked. But it actually doesn't notice.....only when you stare at it haha!! But your teeth look fantastic! You must be so chuffed!