10 August 2012

Day 16 since surgery!:)

I saw my surgeon yesterday, and he was surprised I hadn't been told to wear bands and he put tight bands on my teeth that I have to wear all the time. I was right to be concerned that they didn't put any bands on! He said he doesn't normally work with the orthodontist I've been seeing up until now, and that if I saw my actual orthodontist she would have put the bands on straight away. He said my bite closes, but that he needs to make it close more, (I had noticed this before, because there are little openings when I bite down) so I need to wear bands all the time in order for my teeth to do that. He said it's important to wear bands now, rather than wait till the bone has healed, as there is still some available movement in the bone and we want the bone to heal in the right position! He said if you decided to change things after the bone had healed it would take months.
but oh well at least I have them on now!!:) They are causing me quite a lot of pain right now though. I have to take loads of painkillers again because my teeth hurt quite a lot, and it makes my jaw hurt too and gives me a headache!
Other than that my surgeon was pleased with how everything looks! He is really pleased with how my jawline looks he said.
I had a really nice day yesterday, I went to my friends house and we walked down to a nearby river and did drawing:) it was really fun, but then in the evening my jaw and teeth started to really hurt from the bands so I had to go home. It was such a nice day though and so sunny!
I'm still a lot more swollen and bruised on my right side. I love my new profile! It's truly amazing


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