18 August 2012

Day 24 (3 weeks and 3 days) I made a video!

Heres an update video that I made yesterday!:) It literally took about a day to upload haa
I'm sorry that I blahed on for so long, but I just kept thinking of more things to say! Also the sound came out really quiet I don't know why
I hope everyone is doing well:)


  1. Your positivity is contagious! Thanks for sharing, glad you're doing well :) erin

  2. Great video! It was great to put a voice with the face! Your speech sounds really great for 3 weeks post-surgery.

  3. Rosa!! You are looking amazing for 3 weeks and I love your little british accent! :) Hope the pain stops soon!

  4. You're looking great for 3 weeks and like Tiff said, good to finally put a voice XD Hope recovery is going well :)