4 September 2012

My Etsy Shop!

Hello:) I just wanted to tell you all about what I have been doing to keep myself entertained whilst I couldn't do that much when I've been recovering. I've been doing sooo much art and making little crafty things and jewellery to sell! It's been so fun, and now I've made a little online shop on etsy, so I thought I'd share it with you all so you can take a look-
I also made a facebook page about it- http://www.facebook.com/RosingtonTown
I have definitely been keeping myself busy doing these things;) I am feeling like I want to get out and do stuff though, but I still feel tired really easily and when I stand up I feel a bit faint still so it holds me back. It's like I feel like I want to launch back into normal life but I still can't quite yet.

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