11 October 2012

little update

I just wanted to add some things that I realised I forgot to say in my last post. I realised that I said I could feel my entire face in my last post, well this is not actually true because I can't feel my top gums at the front at all!! It's not noticable unless I poke them though:)
also, I can't believe I forgot to say this... I'M GETTING MY BRACES OFF ON THE 19TH OF NOVEMBERRRR!! yaayyyy! I am so so so excited, and it feels so good to have a date booked so I know I'm definitely getting them off on that day, I'm not going to be a prisoner to these braces for too much longer hooray! It'll be so good to have free teeth:) I haven't seen my naked teeth in so long!


  1. YAY ROSA!!!! I've had mine on about 10 weeks, and I can't wait til I can add a post like your last one :)

  2. Wow that's great news! Imagine luke first time licking ur teeth after they're off! Lol. I heard I will get mine off anywhere from 2 -4 months but no date:( so that's great that u officially have a date!

    About the gum feeling? Were all your gums numb at one time? And do you have feeling on the roof of your mouth?

    1. Auto correct! Idk where the word Luke came from. Lol I meant THE first time not Luke first time lol

  3. Congrats Rosa!

    That's great news, I bet it will feel really strange at first to have naked teeth again.

    You look absolutely amazing after surgery, I've really liked reading your blog and seeing your pictures as my face shape is fairly similar to yours so it has been a real eye opener as to how much your face shape can change with this surgery. Can I ask how much your movements were?

    Thank you for being a great blogger! xoxo

    P.s your Etsy shop is so cute, some Christmas presents are coming from you this year!

  4. hey SN!:) yesss my entire inside of mouth was numb at first, but now it's literally just the top gums at the front. I can feel the roof of my mouth perfectly! That was one of the first things to come back thankfully, it wasn't nice when that was numb.
    Natasha! Thankyou sooooo much for the compliments thats so kind of you to say:) I'm sure you'll look absolutely gorgeous after your surgery and you'll be really pleased! Don't let your bite get you down though, it's only like that temporarily and it seems like much more of a big deal to us than to anyone else!
    They moved my bottom jaw 6mm back and my top jaw 3mm forwards and 3mm up:) they also moved my bottom jaw 1.5mm to the left as well.
    Ooohh and I'm so glad you like my online shop!:D thats so nice of you to sayyy. Good luck with everything xx