6 October 2012

10 weeks and 3 days after surgery

Hi guysssss!
I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, jaw surgery isn't so much at the front of my mind any more, which really is soo good:) I'm so glad to have it in the past and be continuing on with my life!
I do have lots to tell though...
One thing I would say for anyone going into jaw surgery, is don't expect your teeth to magically fit perfectly together straight after surgery. Your bite moves around a lot, and at times can feel quite uncomfortable. My orthodontist recently took my bands off and without the support of the bands my bottom teeth shifted slightly forward, meaning they'd come into contact with my front top teeth when I bit together. It felt really uncomfortable, and also sometimes made me talk with a lisp! (I have no idea why)
Since then my orthodontist put a power chain on my bottom teeth and now my bite feels a lot better. I think the power chain has just pulled my bottom teeth back enough that they don't touch!:)
In terms of eating, I am now allowed to chew things again but food still has to be really soft. And chewing is HARD! It feels uncomfortable and for some reason my teeth don't seem to break up food, it just kind of gets modged up and I end up swallowing things pretty much whole! It's horrible if I accidently bite on something thats too hard too. It feels like when your eating, and then you accidently bite on the fork and it kind of resounds through your head. Or as if I've bit on a little rock.
My numbness is SO much better!:) I can feel my whole face, the only thing left is that my top lip still tingles when I purse my lips or do a wide smile.
I can now open my mouth to 3 fingers width. They told me to do a few excercises at the jaw place, but they said I only have to do it until I get to 35mm, which I'm already at! The only thing is my mouth used to be able to open way more then that and I really want to get it back to where it was before, so I'm hoping if I just keep doing the exercises it'll get back to what it was before. I liked being able to open my mouth wide, it meant I could make cool expressions!
I'm really busy at the moment, because I've just got 2 jobs! I only have 2 days off a week. I'm working at a deli in the village where I live, and also a little cafe. It's good because It'll mean I'll have lots of money to take to Australia with me! I can't wait to go to Australia, I'm going on the 4th of December woohooo!
If anyone has any questions for me about my surgery or anything feel free to ask! I'd love to answer any questions:)
I also want to say that everyone has to be thinking of Terra, because she has just had her surgery! you can dooo it Terra:)


  1. Was wondering when you'd next post XD Has swelling gone down a lot now?? :) ohh i emailed you AGES ago and I was wondering if you ever got it?? :P

  2. It's great to hear that surgery isn't at the forefront of your mind anymore. It's inspiring to see where you are at now because that means I'll be there soon! From a speech therapist's perspective, the lisp is just from the new placement of your "articulators" like your tongue and teeth, so new placement may cause a lisp or other sound errors, but they will adapt over time.

  3. ohhh Tiff thats so good to hear that the lisp will go in time! Its so annoying, but it's not there all the time just when my bites shifts a bit. And, you will be at this stage before you know it the time goes quicker then you'd think! It looks like you are doing soo well though, hang in there:)
    Hi Anthony:) I haven't got an email! where did you send it? my swellings gone down loads yesss I'm so pleased, there is still quite a bit left though, just around my nose and jawline but it's gradually going down week by week.

  4. Ermmm I sent it to the email on your page?? Bet that doesnt help.. :L its was just the generic stuff; hey, good blog blah blah etc etc... :P Regardless of how much swelling there is, you look great. One question I was wondering; how old are you?? I'm trying to gather the ages of others going through this atm and I cany guess you age XD