23 October 2012

12 weeks and 5 days!

Hi everyone!:)
I'm slowly getting better and better at chewing, It's wierd it's like I have to relearn how to do it! It was really hard at first but it is getting easier. I still can't eat really hard things or bite into things, but I can eat most things if I cut them up small! It's sooo good to not have to worry about not being able to eat, it's such a relief:)
My bite has gone back to not feeling that comfortable again.. it only sometimes feels like that though. Sometimes it feels like my left canine is clanging against the tooth on the bottom. Also one of my molars right at the back has been really hurting! I don't know why, I hope my brace hasn't broke or anything!
Here are some update photos..................

I think my face looks a lot more natural now:) The 'had to much botox' stiffness has finally mainly gone! There is still a little bit of swelling left but it's continuing to go down.

Heres an updated before and after...

loook! I have cheeks now rather than just flattness woohoo!


  1. Stunning! I love your results, your face looks so much more feminine and softer.

  2. Your nose looks completely different. You look great!

  3. you look great! The swelling looks nonexistent. I had double jaw surgery 4 months ago and also saw that my cheekbones were more prominent (bonus! :). But yes, be patient with chewing...I'm able to eat some hard crunchy things now (if I eat slow) but biting into things (other than soft foods) is still a process. Best on your continued recovery! Your results are amazing!