18 November 2012

The journey of my face!

I've made some photo collages to show my progress with swelling since day 3! The comparison of then to now is so crazy, I can't believe how much I resembled a balloon at the beginning.
Front View

Side View
Also, I always noticed before my surgery that it was casual, non posed photos that I didn't know were being taken, where you could see my underbite the worst. For example..
 Recently I saw these 2 photos which are taken at angles that before would've definitely showed my bite in all it's underbitey glory, but obviously now, there is no underbite to be seen! It's crazy! When I just glanced at them I thought 'oh my gosh thats going to be a really bad angle' but of course they're not bad angles any more!! hooray
Also, I get my braces off............ TOMORROW!! I'm so excited:)


  1. Love seeing the progression! So excited that you are getting your braces off tomorrow!

  2. So exciting!!! I'm so happy I got to witness your progress

  3. Stunning profile and smile, Rosa!!! You look beautiful!

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  5. Oh, my! You can really tell the difference with your old bite and the one after the surgery. My sister actually had her underbite surgery a few years back. I accompanied her to her consultation with a doctor. She was advised then to go through the process, or she would experience even more discomfort over a longer period.

    Geoffrey Lelia