25 February 2012

Orthodontist appointment

I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday, it was a really exciting appointment!
Firstly, she showed me the molds she'd taken last time I'd had an appointment, and she put them together so that they fitted together in the correct way, so I could have more of an idea what my teeth will look like after the operation. It was so wierd to see my teeth in that position, it looked like they were someone elses teeth! I can't believe my teeth will eventually look like that it's so hard to imajine...
Then she took one of my brackets off because she said it was interfering with my bite with how it was placed, so she put it back on slightly differently. It's so crazy that the minute differences in the placement changes how your teeth move so much! They're so clever that they can work out how to move them and everything.
Then she did something a bit scary/dramatic, she said she needed to 'reshape' my bottom teeth a bit so that my molds would fit together a little bit better, I got a bit panicked by that thinking she was going to chizzle my teeth down or something! but she just got this thing that looked a bit like a nail file and scraped it between my teeth. I wasn't very nice but it wasn't painful it just felt really gritty! and also, while she was doing it I could see dust blowing out into the air!! I think that was tooth dust!! It made me realise how much you have to trust your orthodontist though, I was scared she might do it too much and that I'd end up with little pegs for teeth. but actually you can't really see much of a difference, the gaps that she made are soo tiny.
She also did new photos, and measured all of my face and I got another x-ray done. My next appointment is in March, and it's a joint appointment with my surgeon. That appointment is when I'm going to get my surgery date! yayyy so exciting
here are some new-ish photos! I dyed my hair dark woooo


  1. ahh i'm so jealous of you getting a surgery date! pleased to see everything is going smoothly, i loveee the hair too you really suit it :)

  2. ahh congrats!!! everythings moving along great!! cant wait to hear wen ur appointment will be =D

  3. Not long now! I love your pictures. Have a nice day x